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Dark Hours Poem Reflection

Paper type: Reflection
Pages: 9 (2021 words)
Categories: Activity, Literature, Poems, Writing
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From the day of her birth

To the day of her infancy.

From the hours of her childhood

To the hours of her teenage life.

She has not been like others have

She has not seen as other saw

She could bring herself to

Her passion from a common heat,

From the same source she has not taken

Her sorrow from.

She could not awaken

Her heart to the same tone as others heard,

But only to the one of loneliness.

Loneliness became the first person

That she was introduce to in this world.

It is the alarm that wakes her up

And the type of music she likes to hear.

Pain is the cream she smears on her

Delicate face to change her appearance, just

Like others do but unknowingly.

Darkness became the only

Thing in that she associated with,

Beaming at her with sadness.

Some people merely adopt darkness-

Others cannot even bare it

But she was born into in.

It has become her strong protective arm,

Holding her close until the promising dawn.

Within it, she feels as a child once more,

Safe in the shields of duvet

Softer than that of a pillow.

It kisses up to her skin closer than a mother-

And whisper excitement into her ears.

It is her best friend and the thing

That keeps her heart and soul alive.

She enjoys her time with it,

Right up until her exits are blocked-

With nowhere to hide.

It has confused her with day and night,

And lost her on dark emotions and motives.

She doesn’t understand that she is a character-

And this is her story.

She doesn’t know that she can control every chapters

Because fear has hold of her with irony chains

Blocking her from knowing that she can unlock her cage-

And step out in to the light.

She has become estranged to

Herself and the world around her,

Convinced by the fact that she is an alien.

She is out of touch with her self

And out of touch with any

Other person or things.

She does not experience herself

As the centre of her world

As the creator of her own acts

But her acts and consequences have become

Her master whom she obeys

And even worship.

Human beings

Wonderful creatures, created and

Crafted beautifully in their own ways

But each one has their own

Devilish mindset and behaviour,

Behaviours like thinking about

Themselves and how things

Benefit and satisfy them alone.

Alone in their own world at night

They feel as a toddler does

Safe and sound in their mothers’ arm

But once in a crowd

They feel lost with confusion

Trapped in a cage with judgement

And criticism from all corners.

Corners by corners

They force on a fake identity

Just to fit in with the rest

They feel like they can escape

And get a gasp of air.

She cannot bring herself

To consider them vulnerable enough

To be around, since she

Is used to her playdays with darkness,

Where she doesn’t

Need to wear a fake identity

To fit in at least.

Memories of her past

Were swirling tornado of dark

Emotions entrapped within the

Confines of her mind.

Wrecking in desperate attempts

To flog to be free

To finally give peace she cared for.

But her history wouldn’t relent so easily

It embedded itself in her heart

Using pins of remorse,

Fear, anguish and pain.

Weighing her down until

She was hanging onto sanity

By the thin thread of faith.

She became a wondering soul

Aimlessly seeking to fill the

Void that resided in her heart.

When she unites with the one,

Who had been destined for her,

Her soul rejoices at the thought of

Finally finding solace and companionship

In life.

But because of increasing difficulty

To put pieces of her shattered self together,

Shattered hopes and jiggered splinters

Of dreams and trying so hard to

To forget without regrets, she lost all hopes.

In this dark world of ours

No-one wants to see you as a

Winner but see you

For your failures in life.

You tell someone your

Secrets and suddenly they

Have power to destroy you.

You try your best to be near people,

Showing love and making sure they don’t get hurt.

But little did you know that you’re the

One who is being hurt.

You put your trust in

People thinking that maybe they

Will understand and get you,

But the one you put your

Trust and hope in,

Is the very one that cuts you

Through like a blade.

There is a bitter irony in how

The most tragic circumstances often

Becomes the most beneficial.

But in this dark world,

As she has come to learn slowly,

After so many years with

Darkness and loneliness,

After 15 years of fights

With herself and the world,

Hope finally finds its way to her.

She realized that you can run from your

Mistake all you want,

But your guilt slows you down.

Your conscience will try you,

And your past will knock you to

The ground.

The truth is, we all face

Hardships of some kind in our life,

And you never really know the struggle

A person is going through.

But once you get to know your

True self and the real reasons

Behind the air you still breath,

Once you know that

You are valuable enough to be loved

And you are perfect the way you are,

Nothing like being isolated will

Hold you back from achieving

Your dreams goal.

Just remember that

You are not alone.

Just remember that

Someone is watching.

Watching over your

Soul and spirt,

And making sure that

It doesn’t drift

Away like water vapours,

Drifting into dark, dusky dawn.

Dawn still air will be

Turned into fresh air that

Smell of freedom racing to

Unlock that burden,

Burden of pain and sorrow

Across your half

Jiggered heart will start

To slowly be lifted

Lifted far away

And finally locked away

In a place call history.

We are all in the same game;

Just different levels;

Dealing with the same hell;

Just different devils.

Just remember that

There is always a tinny

Bright light behind every

Dark doors.

Just don’t let the darkness swallow you.


I decided my text type on writing an extended poem because I knew it was an easier way to convey my understanding on the assessment and bring it out on paper in a way that it would flow and bring out a story to life where the reader is able to visualise it. I felt like with an extended poem because you write it with conjunction to the uses of metaphors, similes and other types of poetic techniques, I could direct the reader into my story without having to stumble and look for words to describe how I feel or how the text is supposed to flow. It made communication to the reader easier than the other texts type because I could tell a story without having to be so direct to the point and it makes the reader to also question themselves and try to relate to the story in some way or another by pretending or putting themselves to be in the same shoe as the writer. This brought out their imagination to wonder wild about how they would have felt if it was them or if the story touches them in some way, they can also have the courage to speak up about their life problems in a way that they feel secured and safe about. Sometimes the best ways in solving your own problems is by looking and listening to other problems because you are not alone in it.

Some parts of this poem were based off on a true story about certain things that had occurred in the my past and the lessons that came out of it. I felt like if I wrote something based on experience, I would not have to stumble for words or get stick on forming sentences because it would be something that I have seen or felt whether psychically, mentally or emotionally because usually I find difficulties sometimes in writing up an imaginative story. Throughout this poem I wanted people to see that your personal life, your professional life and your creative life are all intertwined. If you don’t control one than eventually it would affect the other two. I went through a few difficulty years in my early childhood where I felt or just forced myself into thinking that am a complete failure in life. But at the end of the day, it was actually very important for me to go through all those struggles or pain because to me it is the most inspirational thing in this world as a lifelong lesson because at the end of the day as long as you know that this is your life that you are living in and just like a fantasy story, you can change your character’s behaviour whenever. If you want to feel like you belong in this world than you must take control even though when your stick in situation where you feel or is isolated from the rest of the world or even just within your own little world.

The challenges faced throughout this whole assessment was mainly on the drafting part. Coming up with a structure to write a 500-1000 extended poem seemed at first looked like something that is so hard to achieve. Structuring out your poem just to make sure it flows into a story that a reader can follow up and they would not get lost into a wilderness of confusion was a tough thing for someone like me because I am not all that confidence when it comes down to writing poems. But once I knew what I wanted to focus on, the puzzles pieces started to slowly form a bigger and wider picture. I guess sometime when you want something to go well, just don’t give in easily and struggle because with each struggle there is success bound to be born out of it. Just have faith and hope. Overall also, I learned that writing multiples drafts and having the teacher go over some of the work that I have done really did make me see if I was heading in the right track because than I can use the comment given and continue in the right way.

The final quality of my completed work is quite surprising because I didn’t know nor expected that it would end like the way it did. I tried my best to use and include at least each one of the poetic techniques into my writing style while still making sure that it has that touch of a way a short story should flow. I knew that if I at least combine the two somehow together by intertwining them than I will at least end up with a finish work at the end of the day. I am happy that I got something written down and hope that the readers and teacher will also understand and try to put themselves in my point of view.

The most important thing that I learned from this writing experience is that sometimes its very hard to come clean about a certain situation that has happen a while ago or the marks are still freshly cut in your heart. But knowing the feeling of finally letting go of the burden is like throwing away a huge weight of your soul. Sometimes you just got to find a way to convey or pour out your heart in ways that you find easy and no matter what kind of person you are, just know that you are not alone in some situation. There is always someone waiting on the other side with open arms and a smile on their face, waiting to share that burden you carry on your shoulder and that sorrow you wear on your face in place of a smile with you· just don’t let the darkness swallow you.

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