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Dangers That Reporters Face Essay

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Most people are ignorant to the fact that news reporters face incredible risks within their profession. This fact is obviously clearer now due to the war coverage and the deaths of some reporters. There have been many fatalities of reporters over the past year, and it is discouraging to think that the only reason that the public is aware of any of these deaths is because it is a time of war. Most people are unaware of the dangers that reporter face when there is no war going on.

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Due to the fact that the media is so biased, I was defiantly fooled.

One incident that was reported was the death of a German journalist and a Spanish journalist that were killed by an attack in Iraq. Julio Anguita, the Spanish journalist, worked for a newspaper called, “El Mundo,” and Christian Liebig, worked for the German weekly called, “Focus.” Both of these men were killed in the line of duty, by a rocket attack from the Iraqis. There is always a risk in any profession that one may aspire to, but here is something special about reporters. They risk their lives so that the public can get a story and understand what is going on in this world. What I don’t understand is that, if this is so, then why are most news stories ridden with biased reports? I do not think that it is fair for a person to risk his life, when there final task is not even getting accomplished, which is cluing in the public about what is really going on in the world. (Readers or audiences)

More than anything else, the media shapes public opinion in America. (Media message) News broadcasts (media industry) show the side of the story they want people to know and believe, and they do the same things when it comes to politics or anything else. When you are watching the news the opinion you come away with is most likely the one the station or program wants you to obtain. (Media content providers)

The media portrays events and dialogues in particular ways so that you will think something was said one way, when it may have meant to be taken another way. (Media message) Basically, most American’s believe what they are told, and the media takes advantage of this, in a way brainwashing America to believe what they want us to. (Consumers/ media content providers) The media seemed to hide the fact that reporters are in a very dangerous business. I, actually, at one point, wanted to be a journalist. Now I am actually happy with my decision not to pursue it. I know that there are perks to being a journalist, like adventure and traveling to exotic places, but I would rather have my life then do all of that.

Without reporters, how would we get our news? Print media, (Media industry) such as newspapers and magazines, (Media products) and broadcast media (television and radio news corporations) (Media industry/technology) routinely use the services of reporters on assignment all over the world. Despite advances in technology, especially in the area of communications, we still rely upon journalists to travel the globe, seeking out the “Hot spots” in order to report news.

Not all journalists report in wars and other conflicts. (Social world) Webster’s Dictionary defines journalism and “gathering, writing, editing and publishing or spreading news, as through newspaper and magazines (media product) or by radio and television.” (Technology) There are about as many kinds of journalism as there are writing styles. For example, some journalists may specialize in travel writing, while others concentrate on investigative reporting. Some reporters are assigned to a “beat,” which might be a special topic area like education issues or crime reporting. No matter what the vantage point the story is being told, the public can still be sure there they are not receiving the whole story.

A woman by the name of Ann Cooper, a very successful journalist, had a great deal to say about the dangers that reporters face. She gave a lecture trying to inform the people about all the risks that the reporters endure during the courts of a story that are following. In the article, “A perilous profession,” Cooper states, “There were at least 5000 “incidents” that called for assistance to journalists last year, but the media tends to focus more on the death toll.” “Twenty journalists throughout the world died last year in the line of duty.”

The media has a greater range of coverage on the deaths of reporters because it is during a time of war. Society seems to like to know about casualties and the gory details when it comes to war because that seems to be the focus of reporters’ stories, and the wide range of stories on the deaths of the reporters. I do believe that the media does exercise too much power in America. They should not be allowed to present biased news to the public and should let the people make up their own minds on what they want to believe.

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