Dangers of Passive Smoking

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The topic chosen for the environmental factor that poses a threat to the health or safety of infant is secondhand smoke. According to the center for disease control and prevention, Secondhand smoke is a mixture of gases and fine particles that includes smoke from a burning tobacco product such as a cigarette, cigar, smoke that has been exhaled or breathed out by the person or people smoking. The parent I shared the pamphlet with is a 25year old African American mother of a 5year old male child.

She has a high school diploma, single mother and works as a clerical associate in a private institution. The objective of the pamphlet was to educate her on the need to be aware of the danger of second hand smoke to her child, to make her environment as smoke free as possible and to know the resources out there for use when needed. The importance of the pamphlet was also explained to her because it can be used as a source for information or an avenue to reach out to resources, to know the effects of secondhand smoke.

The effects of secondhand smoke to her child such asthma, ear infections, breathing problems, bronchitis and sudden infant death syndrome was also included to enhance her knowledge.

During the interaction, she was very receptive of teaching, eager to learn, she also asked questions which were relevant to the topic that was discussed. She is not a smoker, but was concerned about the safety of her child because the neighbors in her apartment building smoke, sometimes in front of her building.

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The need to remove her child from the area as much as possible when the smoking is going on was stressed, she has a pediatrician that the child goes to for checkup. Understanding of the pamphlet by the parent was demonstrated by the relevant questions she asked such as how to protecting her child from secondhand smoke, and what type of illness occur from secondhand smoke , answers were provided to the questions from evidenced-based research. My impression of the experience is an exciting one and it went well, but there is always room to improve because nursing is a continuous process, and the feeling that I am putting my skill of educating the parent to better care for her child and to protect the child as much as possible.

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