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Dance moms

Dance Moms is a reality television show that showcases young girls dancing and trying to start a career, with the help of the girl’s mothers. The show carries a lot of drama between the mothers, with the goal of keeping each individual daughter on top. Yet, only one lady is in charge of who stays on top, Abby Lee Miller. Abby Lee Miller is a chorographer who owns the Abby Lee Dance Studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and choreographs each dance the girls take to competition. Dance Moms airs on Tuesday nights, eight a clock pm, on Lifetime network.

Abby Lee Miller would be qualified as one tough cookie to impress. Abby has the junior elite team meet every afternoon to go over the pyramid. The pyramid is a chain of who did the best in the last competition, in order from top to bottom. On the latest show of Dance Moms, the mother of Abby Lee Miller is very ill, and soon to pass away, disconnecting from life support. Therefor, leaves Abby by the side of Mrs. Miller, spending as much time as she can with Mrs. Miller. Abby has no other choice but to leave the undefeated junior elite team under the hands of chorographer, Gianna.

Gianna been working for Abby for some quite years now, and has Abby’s trust with the competition pieces to be presented. The girls have three days to learn new competition pieces to be presented on that Friday. Which leaves tons of pressure on Giana, to have winning dances, and keep the win going for Abby. As the girls rehearse hour after hour, no word is heard on how Abby and Mrs. Miller are doing. Competition day has finally reached and there is still no word on how Abby and Mrs.

Miller are doing. Gianna reminds the girls to keep both in prayers, and to dedicate the pieces of dance to Abby and Mrs. Miller. As the girls arrive on stage to perform the routine, the emotion of each girls face tells a story. Yet to find out, the routine was not good enough to win the overall first place. The girls were broken. The elite team defiantly wanted this win for Abby and Mrs. Miller. Now the only thing the team worried about was how to tell Abby? Before the elite team knew it, Gianna received a phone call from Abby. Gianna had put the phone on speaker to let all the girls tell Abby at once, the team did not receive a win this time.

Abby’s response was exactly what the team wanted and needed to hear “it’s okay. ” Dance Moms is an encouraging show that tells the audience to work hard because anything is achievable, no matter the age, gender, and ethnicity. The fact that Abby Lee Miller kept so calm when the elite team announced the lost, showed the audience that it’s okay to loose. As long as there was an effort. That leaves a positive effect on Dance Moms. Sadly, it was not the ending the audience hoped for. The audience would of liked to see the junior elite team win the competition piece for Mrs.

Miller. Yet, that’s the consequence for a reality television show. The fact that the junior elite team didn’t get the win came into a positive note that it is not always about winning. At the end of the day, Dance Moms is a must watch show. It encourages me to keep pushing towards my goal, because anything is possible. If nine-year-old girls can learn three dance routines within three days, I can learn to remember a chapter in my book for my next quiz. I would defiantly recommend Dance Moms, as an honest and pushing show.

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