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Dakota world

In terms of survival and civilization, the story is a question why education is equipped for ones survival? Is the culture of Euro- American defines the development of an individual that disassembles their Native American culture as one that is not capable to stand their community? Yes, the new culture may have the positive objective for their group but the approach to them is definitely a question from the author. So, through her stories, just like the little girl going to a school it reflects her Native race upon drilling to the Euro-American customs(Publication).

The actual happenings at school is well illustrated by the author. Regarding the persuasion of the Quaker missionaries to let her attend school, she at eight years old together with other Yankton children was lured about the stories of the “Red Apple Country”(Stein). Her hesitation was instantly taken out from the promises of missionaries of the apple orchards. Although she was never been swindled, she gained their trust even though a lot of warnings was advised by her mother.

The apple orchards attracted her innocent mind and therefore she accepted the offer of education from the missionaries. Her mother had no other choice but to give way to her daughters’ decision. Her discern was that, even if the transition is hard from the innocence to experience for child, she definitely believes that the education would be fully needed and of great use when more Euro-Americans will settle. Gertrude works are fascinating and the vibrant it forms shows the indignations endured by the Native Americans on Christians hands.

She is ardently against with the oppression done by the Euro-American culture so she made a character from them describing it as “pale-faces” as near part of her language(Giese). From the story of “Adam and Eve”, Gertrude wisely portray the fall of Eve. It is as a form of metaphor showing the seduction using “The Big Red Apples” to the Native Americans by the whites(Kroeber). Because of her ambition to be educated, the snake had the opportunity to seduce Eve.

Gertrude created a parallelism from the childhood experiences she encountered with the “pale-faces” upon their quest in to their community for recruiting Indian children for the missionaries’ school. These group of man who settled into their village seductively promised saying to the little girls that, “the nice red apples are for those who pick them in the East”(Kroeber). Therefore, in contrast to her mother’s longing, the apple from the forbidden tree was eaten by Gertrude so she headed east. The mastery of Gertrude in using languages and her grapple to Western insinuation made her style in writing very effective.

Same as other minority writers, to counterfeit the problem with culture oppression, she focused in a different writing strategy to get the attention of the dominant culture so that her voice would be heard, upon her call for understanding their cultural situation. Her essay on “The Big Red Apples” caused the white readers to think and give insights that the traditional Christian had captured the ideologies of the Indians and from this, it suggested the Indian culture where corrupted by Euro-American culture(Minnesota).

To sight some problems she encountered in her schooling experiences that made her some sort of stubborn and brute in the eyes of the missionaries was the scene in “The Cutting of My Long Hair. ” It is the schools policy to trim the hair of their students, yet for her she knows that it depict a symbol of either shame or mourning. So she can’t submit herself with the policy of the missionaries. She knows that they are strong and that their group can’t bend the rule but she still rebelled and struggled. Zitkala-Sa snuck upstairs and went under the bed to hide her self(Bonnin).

When she was found by the teachers, due to her severe resistance she was dragged out from the bed. Although she fought by kicking and wild scratch attack, she was still carried and brought down and controlled her movements by tying her fast in a chair. Another, problem encountered by Gertrude after three years of schooling was when she was allowed to go home to have the chance to be with her family. She suddenly felt that due to her living with the Euro-American and the education with her, she then had the sentiment the she was now become an alien of her own tribal custom.

Getting her precise statement about the situation, she said that, “during this time I seemed to hang in the heart of chaos, beyond the touch or voice of human aid” (Bonnin). Her thoughts made a problematic scheme out of it questioning what to do, since long she have been already alienated from the Euro-American culture because of her race, and know she is being attack by an emotion of culture crisis to her own tribe as a consequence of her adopted education. Comparing her life before, to the midst of the Indian grounds she was just a young girl who was innocent and free.

Yanktons kids that are older than her always show respect and love to her(Bonnin). They treated her nicely that even though she commits mistake of using ashes instead of the grounded beans for coffee when a visitor comes while her mother is not yet around, the situation is just being passed by without eve scolding her. When playing with her friends, as far as they want they could run freely making a chase with their shadows and do consecutive hounds under the clouds.

She loves listening evening stories from their elders while gazing up in the stars above her. Her life was surrounded by people to whom she surely trusts and that she assures them that there is no reason to mistrust the tribe where she belongs. But as an effect of sudden circumstances, after her ignorance and prioritizing the need for education, the sympathy that she always encounters and received from her Dakota world is abruptly abandoned(Giese).

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