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Daisy Miller: Finding Personal Identity as an Ugly American
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Her real name is Annie P. Miller" (Page by Page Books, 2010, p. 2). Winterbourne is of course surprised by each revelation about Daisy, but is quick to put Daisy into the broad category of "American flirt" and decides that "this young girl was not a coquette in that sense; she was very unsophisticated; she was only a pretty American flirt" (Page by Page Books, 2010, p. 6). The foreigners or even expatriates Daisy meets are in the same category…...
AmericaDaisy MillerIdentity
A Problem of Adolescent Rebellion
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Adolescents go to extreme steps to discover their identity, many times rebelling to show that they are their own individuals. Rebelling is a way for the adolescent to show their independence, that makes sense in Huck's case. Rebelling can vary from not obeying parents to making good friends with unwanted characters to entirely breaking the norms of the society. Huck's home life and upbringing fuel his desire to rebel specifically considering that he has problem adjusting to society, similar to…...
Daisy MillerRebellion
Hume and the Idea of Personal Identity
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Hume considered the idea of identity to be both fictitious and perception based (Hume, 1739). His philosophy was that we as humans could only perceive, or imagine a concept of self based on various thoughts and images that we could see at any given time. But if Hume were to argue that Self existed, it would do so as a constant, unchanging element, of which we could be continually aware. Hume subscribed to the Bundle Theory in that he claimed…...
Daisy MillerIdentityIdentity TheftPerceptionPersonal IdentityPhilosophical Theories
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Literature and Social Reality
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In this paper I will discuss and analyze the social forces of immigration and industrialization that shape literature during the period of 1865 to 1912. I will describe the major literary movements of the period. Additionally I will explain how Realism and Naturalism influenced the literature of the period, how immigration and industrialization contributed to the influences. I will illustrate using examples from some of the greatest authors of the period. Immigration and Industrialization The United States’ population grew quickly…...
Daisy MillerImmigrationLiterature
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