Da Vinci Code Essay Topics

Inequalities in our society: gender and sex

Inequalities between men and women had been in struggle I believe as older than I am, as older than my ancestors. Everyday I see simple proofs that although we are in the 21st century, although we are living on the fast lane, we are still shackled with the shadows of the past. According to Gallup… View Article

Da Vinci Code

The movie as well as the book Da Vinci Code exemplified a work of fiction intertwined with details of non-fiction (Wikipedia, The Da Vinci Code). It is also a work of fiction that represented the “anxiety of humans or paranoia about the world’s current system” (Tuckett 1) that explain “events or set of circumstances as… View Article

Forum: The Da Vinci Code

When the ‘Da Vinci Code’ came out in 2003, it immediately created a stir in the masses due to its controversial text and its portrayals of Christian beliefs. I managed to read the book an year after its publication and even by then its hype hadn’t reduced. Infact, while I was reading the book, there… View Article