"Cyrano de Bergerac" by Edmond Rostand

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Cyrano is an honorable character from ‘Cyrano de Bergerac,’ a play written by Edmond Rostand. One way Cyrano shows his honorable actions is the way he protects Christian for Roxane. Cyrano tells Roxane, ‘I will protect your little baron.’ Cyrano’s protection of Ligniere from the men intent on killing him is another one of Cyrano’s honorable acts.

To Ligniere, Cyrano says, ‘A hundred- is that all? You are going home Forward march! I say I’ll be the man to-night that sees you home.

Even though Cyrano loves Roxane, he honorably helps Christian talk to Roxane because Cyrano knows Roxane loves Christian, ‘Come shall we both win her together.’ Cyrano promises Roxane that Christian will send her a letter each day of battle.

Roxanne says to Cyrano, ‘And have him write to me every single day!’ Cyrano replies with, ‘That I promise you!’ Cyrano is loving by visiting Roxane in the convent every day for 10 years. Cyrano’s honorable actions show he always puts the happiness of other people above his own happiness.

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