Cypop5 task 1 Essay

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Cypop5 task 1

Task 1:
1.1-Outline the current legislation covering home-based childcare & the role of the regulatory bodies. I would like to let you know as Parents some important information regarding up-to-date home-based childcare legislation and the registered bodies to ensure your children get the best care possible whilst in my care. I have done so in a simple question and answer format, please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have further questions.

There are many current legislations covering home based care and I will continue to update regulations, rules and currant laws but I have outlined the ones below which I feel are most relevant. These are as follows:-

•The Children’s Act (1989) – to investigate cases or allegations of child abuse and to illustrate that a duty of care is to be performed to any child at risk or harm by those within a childcare profession. Authorities had to work with social services to provide any support to all vulnerable children •The Childcare Act (2004). All key areas for safeguarding against children. The Children Act of 2004 then came about from the green paper Every Child Matters which identifies five key outcomes for children: 1. Be Healthy

2. Stay safe
3. Enjoy and achieve
4. Make a positive
5. Achieve economic well-being.
•The Childcare Act (2006) – The introduction of the early years foundation stage curriculum into England and Wales.

Race relations Act 1976 (amended 2000) Promotion of equal opportunities in all settings is essential, and relevant policies and procedures should be developed, monitored and assessed. Provisions were introduced to local authorities whereby they had to ensure sufficient child care was put in place for working parents and the well-being of all children

•Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) (2008) – The EYFES is a curriculum which has been created to academically develop and care for children from the ages of 0-5 years old. It was introduced in 2008 and is a statutory framework for all child related settings such as schools, home schooling, nurseries, and child-minders to follow.

The EYFS covers a broad spectrum, ranging from the personal needs of a child as well as the 6 areas of the development and learning covered by that of the foundation stage. This legislation replaces the birth to 3 matters framework (2000) and the National Standards for under 8’s day care and child-minding (2003). It is at this stage the regulatory body Ofsted becomes present.

Their role becoming incredibly important in ensuring these requirements of the EYFS are being met in registered settings. •Data Protection (1998) – This legislation enforces the importance of confidentiality.

As a child carer we should under no terms convey any personal information regarding a child or their parents without having been told to do so. Data protection Act also requires that any personal information about a child/family should be locked away securely in a cupboard/file or password protected computer.

•Health & Safety (1974) – The basic underlying legislation is that it is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that the working environment that their staff is working within is physically safe and that any hazards dealt with and eradicated and steps put in place to reduce any further risks. This legislation relates to anyone working with any environment anywhere.

•Special Educational Needs (2001) – This legislation is to illustrate that in no means a child care setting should discriminate against a child who has special educated needs and that measures should be taken to make adjustments in order to cater for any child. •UNCRC (1989) – This right applies to all children and states its rights as having freedom of expression, healthcare, education, free from violence, protection from abuse, religion and thought, a good standard of living. Assisted help for children with disabilities in order for them to fulfil their potential and free from economic exploitation.

B. The role of Regulatory bodies
Child carers before they can care for other people’s children within their home have to be registered with a regulatory body.

To become registered the regulatory bodies all publish procedures, standards and requirements which have to be met. In Wales the regulatory body is the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) Standards, Scotland is the Scottish Commission for the Regulation of care, Northern Ireland is the local Health and Social Services Trust and England the regulatory body for child minders is Ofsted. Between these four regulatory bodies’ registration and regulation are virtually the same each regulatory body put in place to make sure that us as child minders:

•Are suitable candidates to care for other people’s children •Can create and produce a safe and caring environment where children’s learning development is catered for. •Adhere to the Early Years framework depending on what country you are living in and ensure that all learning, development and welfare requirements are set out and met. The Regulatory bodies oversee that excellence is achieved in the care of young people and children.

Their procedures for controlling home-based childcare involve: Registration:- All adults over the age of 16 who live with me will be CRB checked. Inspection:- On the Ofsted website a report will be produced and available to all parents. Investigation:- Investigations will be carried out if any concern or complaint be made to ensure welfare requirements are met. Enforcement:- Ofsted will take appropriate action if these welfare requirements are not met.

By summarising, the regulatory body’s job is basically to check all settings where young people and children are looked after and to ensure that the people who are looking after children and young people are doing an excellent good job. If this is not the case Ofsted are there to provide support and help to improve the child care setting.

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