Cyclops With No Eye Essay

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Cyclops With No Eye

My story is a sad one, indeed. Poseidon must be displeased with me. I just don’t understand how I could have let this happen. My friend Cleophinus is kind enough to come to my aid and this account down as I tell it; thank you my friend. It started on day as pleasant as this one; the misty spray of the ocean had filled the air with the usual smell. I remember coming back from a brisk walk and checking out the flocks when I noticed a commotion from within my home. When I entered I could not believe what I was seeing. Little creatures were scurrying about eating one of my sheep!

I was furious and rolled the stone of my home in place to trap them. Everything would have been okay at this point had I just killed them all right then! Instead I was curious and tried to strike up a conversation with them to learn of their origins and what the world was like where they were from. I had calmed down and had intended not to kill them. In fact we were enjoying some very good wine as we shared the sheep they had cooked on my fire. I learned they were called men. The leaders’ name, as I learned later was Odysseus, but at that time he called himself  , which means ‘noman.

’ I figured he was toying with me for they seem quite curious of me as well. Anyway, we kept talking and drinking and I was feeling the effects of the wine and discovered I was too drunk to get up and roll the stone out of the way so they could leave. I was anxious for them to tell others of us and maybe we could strike up some trades. I was certainly curious about their wares and wanted to see how they felt about what we fabricated here. I was sure they would be able to use the timbers we fashioned for hunting and gathering food for their larger projects like building huge flag ships and homes.

But, alas, I was exhausted from the talk and the wine and fell asleep. I was awakened abruptly from a stinging, burning in my eye. I couldn’t believe what they had done to me! I was friendly enough and this is the way they repaid me for sharing my sheep and wine! They got away and I hoped that Poseidon would take care of them for what they had done to me. My hearing has cost me my sight. The moral of this story, my friends, is don’t believe half of what you hear and none of what you see!

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