Cyborgs Unplugged Essay

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Cyborgs Unplugged

Firstly, it is necessary to note that the author provides rather interesting and extraordinary interpretations of human comparing them with cyborgs. In such a way, he wants to show that humans are similar to machines and their thinking is similar to that of the cyborg’s. The author assumes that nowadays people are more and more becoming electronic cyborgs as they are more exposed to electronic technologies. He explains that being a cyborg doesn’t me to have wires and chips; cyborgs are defined “in more profound sense of being human-technology symbionts”.

Therefore, he state that humans are “thinking and reasoning systems whose minds and selves are spread across biological brain and non-biological circuitry”. Furthermore, the author admits that cyborg is a product of 21st century. The author tries to re-shape the image of a human, to explain the features of human intelligence as well as to discuss complex relationships. Nevertheless, the article isn’t devoted to new technology; it simply tries to explain human way of behaving and thinking on the base of using technological language and examples.

The article, actually, discusses the nature of human brain, mind, culture and biology. One of the most interesting moments is author’s description of a human working day and drawing comparison wit that of an electronic cyborg. The author asserts that people are blinded by Western prejudice according to which human mind is “deeply special and distinct from the rest of the natural order”. The author defends the idea that it is cognitive machinery that should be paid more attention nowadays, because he thinks that machinery is housed with skin and skull of a human.

Consequently, the brain is a complex and important part of cognitive machinery, though it is not considered a part of mental machinery. Therefore, the author tries to explain how the brain, technology and body are able to improve problem-solving machine. However, people are not thinking about themselves as natural-born cyborgs. Therefore, the question is: should people consider themselves electronic cyborgs? References Clark, Andy. (2003). Natural-Born Cyborgs: Mind, Technologies and the Future of Human Intelligence. New York: Oxford University Press.

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