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Customized Degree Plan

1 Why have you chosen the elective classes in your degree plan? I attended the University of Phoenix, before I started my classes at Kaplan University. While attending the University of Phoenix, majority of my electives were pre chosen for me. I would like a career in criminal profiling or criminal investigations. My choice of elective classes will be Psychology, sociology, or criminal profiling. Although while attending the University of Phoenix, I was majoring in Business; so two of my electives were Psychology and Sociology. I need this knowledge to be as successful in interrogations or crime scene evidence.

2 What skills, and knowledge do you expect to learn from these classes? The classes I attended at the University of Phoenix gave me the basic knowledge. Psychology and Sociology gave me the insight on how to figure an individuals, mental and social behaviors. I learned that you have to get into a person’s mind, and understand how they operate in their own habitat. I plan to gain the extra knowledge of how to understand the criminal justice field and the emotional stability and social environment of the individuals I encounter with.

3 How will these individual skills and knowledge help you in your field? The skills that I learn will help me to visualize individuals and learn their social behaviors. I plan to be successful my field and help keep the crime down and the community safe, by catching the culprits who want to commit crime. The youth need guidance and the neighborhoods need a makeover for drug free and violence free community.

4 How will these electives further your career goals?
The electives I choose will help me to achieve my goals and accomplishments at obtaining my degree in the criminal justice field.

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