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Customers expect Essay

Essay Topic:

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Customers expect their problems and enquiries to be dealt with rapidly. Most customers get frustrated if their problems or enquires aren’t dealt with quickly. It is ideal for a business to set targets in dealing with customer problems in the least amount of time as possible, so that customers are satisfied with the service provided. When customers call in with problems and enquiries, they expect to receive clear and good communication from the business. It is the business’s duty to provide clear communication, whether it is telephone calls, letters or face to face communication.

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Any faults in communicating with the customer can lead to a customer’s opinion of the business being lowered; this can result in a bad reputation for the business, if word is passed on.

Providing after sales service is probably what all customers expect a business to give. If the goods or service that has been purchased isn’t at reasonable quality, then customers will be very angry towards the business. That anger can be stopped if the business offers a full refund or an exchange for the goods or services purchased. Why the business uses the Customer Service methods & Evaluation on how to improve

Richer Sounds use management commitment, so that colleagues from high level of management also understand that customers are their top priority in the business. This method makes sure that no matter what level of management you are at, your customers will always be a top priority. This is a really good and effective method; it shows that the level of customer service Richer Sounds offers is high, because they have chosen that customers are their top priority.

They use recruiting and training the right people, because they want people with good attitude, because if people who have bad attitude are recruited then it may lead to a downfall in the business. A colleague must be able to control his/her temper if customers started arguing. Richer Sounds give an induction training course to all their colleagues, so that problems like these don’t occur and so that they keep on increasing the level of customer service provided, to satisfy their customers. They use their mystery shopper scheme, because this allows the business to know exactly what level of customer service the business is providing, it allows them to know where the business is going wrong and where they need improving.


My conclusion is that Richer Sounds is a stable company, who have good relations with all their stakeholders, as they understand the importance of them. The working arrangements is flexible for all colleagues as all colleagues benefit from a 20 day paid holiday and more if they have worked for more than six years with Richer Sounds. Employee’s rights are taken into account very seriously in Richer Sounds, but they are also suspected to take responsibility for their actions as well as it is mentioned in employee responsibilities.

Richer Sounds have two main procedures which they use when dealing with disputes, one is the grievance procedure and the other is disciplinary procedure, the procedure they use depends upon how serious the dispute is. The recruitment process in Richer Sounds is simple and a fair way of recruiting. It is fair because everyone who applies has to go through the same recruitment process; no one is exceptional even if the person has been introduced by a family relative or a friend, who works for Richer Sounds. Training in Richer Sounds is done using four different training programmes; each one is at a higher level than the one before it.

This means that if colleagues complete the 4 training programmes, then they will be at management level and will have the opportunity to apply for a role in management only if there is a vacancy for a management role. Providing great customer service is Richer Sounds top priority, which all the colleagues agree with. Customers are the stakeholders that provide the business with its output, which is money and profits. The level of customer service that Richer Sounds provide is high, because colleagues are trained continuously on how to deliver excellent customer service. They are trained continuously because customers’ expectations are always changing so the business will need to retrain their colleagues in how to satisfy their customers’ expectations.



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