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Customerization According

Customerization According to Wind and Rangaswamy, the customerization is “a buyer-centric company strategy that combines mass customization with customized marketing”. (Wind & Rangaswamy 2000) simply saying, customerization is anew approach in marketing differing from mass product customization. Customerization involves mass customization, personalization, one-to-one marketing and customer control “all delivered’.

Actually, customerization ensures high access to control locus, customer co-design, prior data about customers, links to production and supply systems, links to customer systems and build-to-order system. Nowadays the concept of customerization is widely used in marketing environment, because this approach provides certain benefits for customers and for organization/company.

Customerization is beneficial for customers as it better meets their requirements and needs as well as aims at their problem solving. Furthermore, customerization emphasizes customer’s role in designing and production role.

Customerization provides benefits for the company, because it reduces and even eliminates inventory, provides new opportunities for value-added services and opportunities for accurate forecasting. Further, customerization ensures more accurate market information regarding customers’ preferences and tastes.

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Customerization aims at building closer relations with customers and thus at achieving higher satisfaction and loyalty as well as stimulating continuous innovations. It is necessary to outline the role of customerization in channel management and delivery of goods and services. (Rangaswamy et al. 2000)

It is necessary to mention the products which are ready for customerization: digital products (video, books, CDs); personal products (perfumes, vitamins, coffee, jeans); functional products (computers, investments); other products such as cars, cell phones and cars. (Rangaswamy et al. 2000) References Rangaswamy, A.

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, Olive, R. , & Sundaresan, Sh. (2000). Mass Customization, Personalization and Customerization. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University, E-Business Course. Wind, J. & Rangaswamy, A. (2000, June 9). Customerization: The Second Revolution in Mass Customization. Digital Marketing, 337-371.

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