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Essay on Customer Services

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Evaluation of Corporate Performance at Hershey Company

Although, Hershey stock seems to be overvalued it is still worth buying which I can recommend to the investors. This is because the Hershey company is incredibly capital efficient. Also, the dividend payout ratio has been increasing every year since 1974. The company in actual fact pays out an extremely huge amount out of the profits produced by the company. For instance, in 2008, Hershey realized...

Informatics Solution Proposal: Problem Identification

Federal Trade Commission. (August 17, 2009). FTC Issues Final Breach Notification Rule for Electronic Health Information. Retrieved from http://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2009/08/ftc-issues-final-breach-notification-rule-electronic-health Hebda, T., & Czar, P. (2013). Handbook of informatics for nurses & healthcare professionals (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prenti...

Internal Control Procedures in Accounting

Kimmel, P. D., Weygandt, J. J., & Kieso, D. E. (2007). Financial accounting: Tools for business decision making (4th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. Vietz, Osmond. Weaknesses in an Internal Audit Control System. (2012).http://www.smallbusiness.chron.com/weaknesses-internal-audit-control-system-3810.html Williams, J. R., Haka, S. F., & Bettner, M. S. (2005). Financial & manage...

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Hi-Value Supermarkets - Everyday Low Pricing

With all the information that has been provided, it can be concluded that if Hi-Value decided to operate in a way that is seen as being more reasonable and economical for customers, customers will be more inclined to shop there. If management decides to implement better sanitary solutions and decides to clean up the dairy department, it would more than likely lead to better customer satisfaction. ...

Blue Sky Townhouse Business

In our everyday life, we use Real Estate in some manner; we make use of Real Estate resources to provide shelter, comfort, convenience, and privacy, a place of work, recreational facilities and related services. In an estimate Real Estate represent more than 40% of the national wealth. The basic component of realty is not only the surface of the earth but also the property rights and interest that...

Hospital Billing System

1. The researchers recommend replacing the existing billing system of Mataas na Kahoy Community Hospital. The new billing system will definitely be an efficient and effective system to the staff, because it will compute the bills entered by the staff to the system automatically; and to the patients of the Mataas na Kahoy Community Hospital, because since the computations of bills will be done aut...

Customer Services and Buyer Behavior

As you can see the new styling has made it a lot more attractive to the younger generation of car buyers this will ensure that the product is repositioned into another market. The product now suits the demands and desires of the target market it wants to break into. BMW could also tweak the engines of the X1 for sportier and faster feel as this would be more appealing to a younger target market. T...

Translating Strategy Into Hr Policies & Practices Case

Most other service companies provided at least 40 hours of training per employee per year, while the Hotel Paris offered, on average, no more than 5 or 6hours. Similar firms offered at least 40 hours of training per new employee, while the Hotel Paris offered, at most, 10. Even the apparently “good” metrics comparisons simply masked poor results. For example, whereas most service firms spend a...

Jetblue Mrketing

costumer’s expectations in the best way possible. JetBlue is right now at the very top of the airline’s industry for it costumers, and as long as they keep doing what they are doing and improving the critics they may get, I don’t believe there is a possible way for costumers’ loyalty to fade away. Like I said they have been creating long-lasting relationships with their clients by providin...

Strategic Planning Assignment

and practice in Strategic Human Resource Management 2004: Academy of Management 2004: vol 29, no-3 pages 341-358. De Wit, R., and Meyer, R., (2010) Strategy: Process, Content, Context 4th Edition, Cengage Ltd. Dekker, H, 2003: Value Chain Analysis in Interim Relationship a Field Study 2003: Journal of Management and Accounting Research 2003: Vol, 14 issue, 1 pages 1-23. Johnsons, G and Scholes, K,...

Drowling Mountain in Hospitality Industry

This theory also implies though that you would need to attract more customers with lower prices to get back to the profit levels earned while they were charging higher prices. This is where the implementation of alternative two comes into place. The additional alternative to provide year round services would be an instrumental opportunity at retaining customers. Drowling would have the opportunity...

Fresh Direct Company Swot and Five Forces Analysis

My opinion in this case is a learning experience. Most companies that begin in the correct route are always on top of their league. This company even though it had its ups and downs, was able to bring themselves back up to the top. By doing so, the company brought profits instead of more losses. This goes to show that hard work and dedication will always strive to the top. Along with good manageme...

Customers Are Big Stakeholders

For the Customers in Marks & Spencer’s I would grade them an 8 out of 10. This depends on the level the employee is at. All of the employees from managers to floor workers have a great deal of influence however the influence is greatened as you go higher up in the hierarchy. This is because the higher you are the more power and the closer you are to the shareholders who can choose whether or...

July at the Multiplex

Using legal, statistical and ethical reasoning, we found that Tommy’s case is minor and should not reach the courtroom. The issue roots from Tommy’s opinion on the Royal Theater’s customer service and commercial policy. Tommy’s reasoning does not hold legal value, therefore would not make it to a court room. Only 1% of moviegoers felt bothered by commercials before their anticipated screen...

Delwarca Case Analysis

their preference. This would reduce the waiting/holding times and customer will not bother to call back if he/she is assured of a fixed time slot for his problem solving. Meanwhile the concerns of the customer can be noted by the associate and if the associate is ideal he can work-around the problem and propose a solution to the senior associate who in turn can judge and be ready with the possible...

Plaza the Logistics of Zaragoza Company Review

They should target customers who have preference for high service rates Plaza is also an educational center for logistics while Rotterdam is a just a logistics park. Zaragoza should try to educate the customer about the supply chain benefits of associating with a world class logistics research center Plaza is a government backed firm – they should use this factor to instill more confidence in th...

IBM: Using Strategy to Build a “Smarter Planet”

(c) How should IBM measure the results of the Smarter Planet Strategy? IBM should measure the results based on how successful the Smarter Planet Strategy has been on an organization after its implementation. For example, by using IBM’s smart solutions to analyze its data, the Memphis Police Department reduced crime by 28 percent. Here we can clearly see that the strategy turned out to be very su...

Euro Disney Associés Key Buisness Success Factors


Survey on the Spot

Both the Survey On The Spot and the Mystery Shoppers methods have their pros and cons. The survey on the spot enables Finale to gain feedback directly from its customers in real time. Management also has the opportunity to respond or correct an issue while they can. The Mystery Shopper approach on the other hand can provide management with information from a customer’s standpoint, which is more ...

Hotel Consultation and Customer Services at Dreschler Hotel

I found an advantage would be the increasing revenue by adding things such as a bar, spa, hot tubs, gyms and restaurants. This usually is an upper end hotel and they attract a lot of customers or guests and then the money and revenue will start coming in faster. Another benefit is the owner can sell the units much quicker and then can also hire a management company to run it for him and still brin...

Frequent Shopper Program at Kudler Fine Foods Company

Based upon the requirements, the logical flow of the system has been designed to provide the most minimal impact to the workflow. The new system will slightly increase the time that the customer spends at the check-out register, but the majority of this delay will occur only on the customer’s initial enrollment into the program. The delay to the workflow will eventually even out as more customer...

Starbucks Buisness Case of Foreign Direct Investment

However, with an increasing number of young French people living and traveling abroad, the company hopes its concept of bright, friendly coffee bars will find a warm welcome among those who dislike grumpy barmen and cigarette smoke. Starbucks is confident that a younger generation holds the key to financial success, but the figures show that even they haven't completely abandoned the idea of corne...

Marketing Plan for Aqualisa Quartz Shower

One example would be displaying a happy businessman who has had a great day and at the end of the day when he wants to take a shower, he faces the low pressure or the varying temperature of the shower. The ad could quickly turn that situation to a pleasant one by focusing on Quartz and the difference it makes. The actions to be taken regarding product placement were mentioned in the recommendation...

Avari Hotel Rooms Prices in Hospitality Industry

Avari needs to learn the lesson and take the example of Pearl. Having a strong competitor like Pearl is beneficial to Avari because they can learn a lot of lessons from their way of doing business, so they can improve their pricing strategies and promotional activities, and ultimately attract more customers and increase hotel occupancy rate. To respond to the threat of new entrants such as Sherato...

IMNPD Individual Assignment

Ali, Shameem (2012). New Product Design and Development [Online] Available from: http://www.slideshare.net/cadella49/new-product-design-and-development [Accessed: 21st January 2015] Archer, James (2015). Why Successful Companies Keep Investing in Ongoing Marketing [Online] Available from: http://forty.co/why-successful-companies-keep-investing-in-ongoing-marketing [Accessed: 21st January 2015] Bar...

The Case of the Unknown Industries

N corresponds to commercial bank. The accounts receivable for this industry is very high compared to other industries because the nature of the business is giving out loans. Consequently, this industry has a very long collection period of 8047 days because of the long-term loans. On the other hand, their clients would save money which lead to a relatively high accounts payable, and businesses woul...

The Birth of Swatch Case Analysing

5. Today, if you created a new sub category for watches, what would it be? What would you do to take the industry by storm (redefine/broaden the definition)? Identify an emerging submarket. There are people who like the idea of watches, to know what time is it, like to wear jewelries, but prefer to wear something new, something trendy instead of regular watches. We can imagine rings and necklaces ...

Myntra: Online Shopping

If the weather is bad, the parking is a challenge or the hour is late when inspiration strikes to buy something, an e-business that is open 24/7 often has more appeal to customers than a brick-and-mortar shop located across town and only open five days a week from 10 to 4. Shopping for goods electronically doesn't just save customers time and energy; it can also save them from paying sales taxes, ...

A Strategic Report on Emirates Airlines Business Management

Based on the above factors the threat of new entrant is weak. The bargaining power of customers Due to buyer price sensitivity, it is difficult to compete with competitive prices of budget carriers but Emirates compensates by offering world class food, services, comfort and in-flight entertainment, world class service, A380 aircrafts, choices of menu for the elite class, its own private terminal, ...

Southwest Airlines Value Chain Analysis

SWA shops fuel, purchasing from cheapest vendor in the cheapest regions low costs. Technology & Product Development: Everyone participates in generating new ideas Marketing: early was based on airline’s low prices, convenience and level of service, stressing underdog and Texan home-grown image. Direct Sales cut costs. “smart campaign” emotional bond, consistent & personal message. Di...

Emerging Logistics Strategy

Supply chain management and cycle time compression are complementary logistics strategy which progressive firms are employing in many different ways and in many different settings. These strategies are not simply or easily developed, but the results achieved through their use are often dramatic. Any firm which is truly serious about competing in the marketplace should very carefully consider the i...

The Globe: Cracking the Next Growth Market: Africa

Once companies learn their consumer behavior, they can provide excellent products and services, and in the future, they would be able to influence buying decisions. With a huge potential to grow, the African market is dynamic, changing and evolving. Despite some challenges in physical infrastructure, security, and governments, things are improving in Africa. Some national governments such as Ghana...

Reservation System

This study mainly focused on providing application using computerized system that enables businesses to track services and aims to provide accurate and reliable process on every transaction especially in reservation. This study is looked into a better impact of using technology today on how it affects our daily lives especially for being the customer. With this studies it can help our beneficiari...

Milk Vending Machine

The business model has an inherent risk in that the company will install the machines on a rental basis, thus facing default risks and unforeseen operational costs. The smart card and recharging systems have to be built and trialled. Apartment dwellers have to adopt the new system of purchasing milk from vending machines, and while they have patented the design, there is always the danger of other...

Sheraton Marketing And Advertising

Sheraton hotels culture is based on quality service, employees are proud to be part of the company and costumers are proud to make business with them. Is a weakness that most of the profit that the company do come from America, as a recommendation they can extend their business more looking at different markets as China and India can be. Features of the hotel (Sheraton on the park) are attractive ...

Tesco Case Analysis

Consumers who purchase healthy organic food want to feel like they are shopping in an environmentally conscious store. In addition, Fresh & Easy offers a limited assortment of goods that are unfamiliar with US consumers. In exhibit 12 from the case, data shows that consumers visit Fresh & Easy stores less frequently than its competitors. This is because competitors have weekly sales on fam...

Malaysia Airlines System Berhad

From a small air service, Malaysia airlines have grown to become award-winning airline with more than 1000 aircraft, servicing more than 110 destinations across six continents. Malaysia Airlines also practiced the online booking and buying to make their reservation or purchasing way easier for passenger. With this online purchasing, the passengers need to fulfill their details like the destination...

Brand Awareness

Two major elements that were added by Kahneman and Tversky were the concepts of value (replacing the utility found in Utility Theory) and endowment, in which an item is more precious if one owns it than if someone else, owns it. Value provided a reference point and evaluated both gains and losses from that reference point. Additionally, gains and losses have a marginally decreasing increase from t...

Ontella Picdeck Case

Existing assumptions don’t tend to be questioned. You know your business, and you have assumptions about who the users are and what they need. When any person interviews users, he or she inevitably brings those assumptions to the research. The result: People find what they’re looking for. Subconsciously, people look for the things that backup their own assumptions, so that instead of discoveri...

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