Customer Service Plan Essay

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Customer Service Plan

Customer service and commitment to our customers has been the driving force behind our brand. Widget strive to get it right first time, everytime.Incases where things don’t come out right we believe our professional workers will strive to correct the problem and our customers have the right to know what level of service they can expect from us all the time even in these times when we fall short of the very high standards we have set ourselves. Through our Vision and mission statement we make a commitment to our customers both internal and external.

Mission Statement

Passionate about exceeding the delivery of our customers’ service expectations by providing the very best in professional, value engineered widgets through our ever growing nationwide team of professional, caring staff.

Vision Statement

To be Australia’s number one national provider of quality widgets by empowering our staff to deliver our customers with the very best in quality, value and service.

Our Product standards

Our product is manufactured in strict accordance with the Australian quality standards and also taking into account the use of which our customers will subject our product. Our internal policies and quality standards support the high quality standards set in our vision and mission statement.Our product specifications are clearly presented in all our packaging materials and tested during the production process to ensure all tolerance limits are adhered to. Our main product is 12 mm black hole plugs which are made of plastic to cover ,conseal and decorate 12 mm diameter holes in cabinets,furniture,window frames,vinyl fences and elsewhere.Fits any 12mm diameter holes. These hole cover widgets practically work anywhere indoors and out .These are made from our factory with high –impact injection molded plastic. These can come from different sizes as requested by our customers. All our products have a small tolelance limit of +1% or -1%.


Our product range will have the following features.

Color:it will come in the range of black ,white or grey
Fits hole size :12mm or as requested by customer
Diameter:12 mm
Length: 6mm
Top diameter:15 mm

Tolelance limit:plus or minus 1%

Widgets outlines its description of its product in the policy and communicated to the customer to allow the customer to make any queries or complaints incase the product received its off specification.


Widget ensures that its products are properly priced so that customers are able to afford the goods as well as profitability is maintained to allow the company invest in the quality and standards initiatives of the products. Widgets pricing is well thought as we do in other sectors of the business like marketing and branding, the price the customer sees on display is the price customers pay. There are no hidden costs. Our standard product 12 mm fits hole size will cost 12AUD /dozen and customers are requested to enquire from the customer service team for prices of any changes requested to the standard product.

Delivery of goods

Widgets aim to deliver all orders made either online or face to face within three days of the order being made.We aim to have a delivery process which
ensures a reliable, secure and efficient service. If delays occur during deliveries and extra time may be required, customers will be contacted urgently to alert them of the next delivery times or else they can call our Despatch department directly on 1300 880 370. One day prior to your delivery we will SMS all of the important delivery information about your order to your mobile. If all the information is correct you will only need to text back OK. If there are any details that are not correct or you wish to change your delivery date please ring us on 1300 880 370. In order to offer our customers a better delivery service these terms and conditions replace any delivery and pickup conditions stated on your order form.


1. It is important that someone is at the receaving end to receive delivery of your purchase on the designated day. No specific time of delivery can be provided. A four hour time frame will be advised but cannot be guaranteed.

2. A minimum delivery fee of $75 (outside the Metropolitan area) is payable separately to the Carrier in cash or bank cheque. Delivery is free inside the Metropolitan area

3. Cash or bank cheque must be used to pay any balance of monies owing at time of delivery. Personal/Company cheques will NOT be accepted. For your convenience we can accept credit cards in store 48 hours prior to delivery, surcharges may apply.

4. Once arrangement for a delivery day is confirmed, there will be a minimum re-delivery charge of $75 if no person is at the delivery address on the day of delivery or the delivery is cancelled by the customer on day of delivery.

5. When receiving goods, please inspect thoroughly before signing “Received in good order” as any claims for scratches, marks, dents or other damages will not be accepted once signed.

6. Failure to collect or take delivery of the goods beyond 21 days from the date of contact by our despatch department will result in the sales order being cancelled and all monies paid will be forfeited. 7. All original packing & wrapping will be left at the premises (delivery address).


Customer collection of goods purchased from Widgets stores can also be collected by the customer in any of our distribution centres.. The customer must contact the Delivery department prior to pick up on 1300 880 370 to make an appointment. Same day pickup is not available.

Pickup times at Distribution Centers
Monday to Thursday –
10:00am – 12:30pm & 1:30pm – 3:00pm
Friday ONLY

Other Policies and Procedures

Customer needs

Widget believes that it is important that customers needs are regularly reviewd to ensure that its products are inline with the changing times. Therefore time and again Widget carries out research to identify these needs and implement changes identified. Widget uses the RATER model to identify its customers needs since customers when assessing what they want will consider the reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy and responsiveness as they are being assisted. Using the RATER guide Widget will use the following techniques to gather customer needs

Informal face to face discussions for its key customers
Telephone interviews
Email surveys
Suggestion boxes
Internet surveys.

All information gathered for customers is protected by the Privacy act 1988 including how the information is collected,used and disclosed,its accuracy and how securely it is kept and general rights to access that information. Widget has a dedicated Customer service research officer who is responsible for ensuring that all customer data collected is securely kept and used for its intended purpose only.

Complaints and feedback

If you have a complaint or if there is anything we can help you with, please let us know.Widget values feedback and appreciate the opportunity to follow up. Widget deals with all people from diversi background and does not discriminate anyone on the basis of age ,race,disability or sex. Our policy take into account the Age discrimination act 2004,Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986,Disability Discrimination ACT 1992,Racial discrimination Act 1975 and Sex Discrimination Act 1984.

There are a number of ways you can contact us to lodge your complain and includes our

Email at or phone at 08100300 or mail at Widget Australia,3/77 Manning street ,Bentley ,6102.

Or you can also connect with us via Twitter or facebook

Complain resolution process and timeframes

Once we receive your complaints, we may ask you to provide supporting or documentation to aid us in investigations. This may include proof of identity, statutory declaration, receipts and so on. We aim to resolve complaints within 5 working days, however please note that some complaints may take longer to investigate especially matters to do with international orders.

Managing records and data.

Widgets collects alot of data of customers including physical addresses, names,date of birth and many more information. The Customer service research officer is responsible for keeping the data securely and is sorted by our secure information technology section. The Privacy Act 1988(“the Act”) governs the obligations and responsibilities of companies in relation to the management of official records. Under this Act, each company has an obligation to maintain official records in its custody in good order and condition. This obligation applies not only to the capture, storage, maintenance and disposal of physical records, but also to records in electronic format. Widget policy is governed by this act and all measures necessary are taken to ensure that compliance is maintained.

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