Customer Profile Essay

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Customer Profile

Customer Profile
1. What is the approximate age range for people in this demographic group? -Someone born in Generation X ranges from 37-47 years old.

2. What are typical characteristics of people in this age group? -Gen X is often characterized by high levels of skepticism, “what’s in it for me” attitudes and a reputation for some of the worst music to ever gain popularity.

3. What are the interests of this age group?
-Those born in Generation X are very family-oriented people that strive to not make their families like that of their parents but are also the first real charity driven generation.

4. What is this group’s source of income?
-The group’s source of income derives mostly from permanent full-time jobs.

5. What might be their greatest social and economic concerns? -People of this generation are the first to really question the rules of society.

6. What issues regarding products might be important to them? -People of Generation X generally go for cost-efficient solutions when searching for products.

7. Where would they do the majority of their shopping?
-People of Generation shop at places such as Nike, Walmart, Target, Victoria’s Secret, Costco, and Men’s Warehouse.

8. What types of products are targeted specifically at this age group? -Vitamins, clothing, baby supplies, office supplies, and groceries are all targeted for people of this generation.

9. How does your selected product fit this customer profile? -My product is useful for people of Generation X because Spotify allows users to access millions of songs from any genre or time period. This is useful because
Generation X spent the prime of their life in the 1980’2 and 1990’s where music was at its biggest.

10. Also plan where your ad will be placed-indicate a specific magazine in which your ad will be seen? -Our ads will be placed on family television stations as well as over the radio and in print format through various music and electronics stores. Our product will need to be shown in Rolling Stone Magazine due to its vast following nation-wide.

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