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Being Successful in a Sales Career

...Salespersons are usually the people tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that goods and services are sold. This profession is quite demanding since it requires lots of dedication. The salespersons profession is quite flooded, hence, to stand out, one ought to be determined and confident. In order to achieve this, one ought to embrace a number of factors. For instance, one needs to possess good listening skills. Through listening, salespersons are able to comprehend what the client needs as...

Importance of consumer centric approach marketing

...  Customer- centric is a good approach for business. It enable establish a good relationship between the business and consumers. However, it responds to customers request which a very important aspect. Customer satisfaction is a very important thing. Consumers determine the growth of the business. They are advocates. A business that practices consumer satisfaction has a competitive differentiation. However they do not experience churning since their services and products are convinci...

Prerequisites of a good business plan

... Paper supervisor provided his guidance, and instructions towards making it more progressive and professional. Writing this paper has also enhanced my personal and professional skills; I learned to examine the health of issues more scientifically and more professionally, I further would like to implement my business plan in practice and will try to put the best foot forward with the restaurant business. During research I dined in many good ethnic restaurants and figured that ent...

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...Regarding your request, the items listed above (printer toner and supplies) are being sent to your Oakdale office, referring to your telephone conversation on April 1. Kindly inform the subscriber whether or not your spokesman will be making an appearance in the near future. c. It is outstanding that we still managed the contract after the customer increased his demands, however our manager responded with better transitions. By the way, we had some errors in the schedule but don’t have to eras...

Mystery of disappearing oil

...Most of the problems is arise is due to there is not proper segregation of duties. When there is one person handling too much of responsibilities, the fraud may occur. In addition, it will also reduce the performance of the person who handling too much of responsibilities because of the work overload. In this case, Jamel, as the sole person who managing the petrol station, was handle too much of duties so that he tend to manipulate the amount in order to obtain the personal gain. Recommendation...

The restaurant industry and the 5 forces

...PEST Analysis on restaurant. 2013. PEST Analysis on restaurant. [ONLINE] Available at:http://wiki.answers.com/Q/PEST_Analysis_on_restaurant. [Accessed 26 July 2013]. Porter's Five Forces - Problem Solving Techniques from MindTools.com. 2013. Porter's Five Forces - Problem Solving Techniques from MindTools.com. [ONLINE] Available at: Porter's Five Forces - Problem Solving Techniques from MindTools.com. 2013. Porter's Five Forces - Problem Solving Techniques from MindTools.com. [ONLINE] Available ...

Sof Optics

...Note: We calculated theoretical capacity using hours worked and estimated length and mix of calls from Exhibit 3. This calculation assumes that any time between calls is negligible. The 27,000 seconds available per rep per day is based on 9 hours of work minus one hour for lunch and two 15 minute paid breaks. We have excluded the 10 min break that reps tend to take in the morning due to high stress, because we assume that could potentially go away in the future if the center is running optimally...

General management assignment

...Is decision making essential for future planning ?explain why Decision need to made wisely under modifying circumstances with different amount of knowledge about alternatives and consequences. In extention the decision making is often a group process. Consequently the manager must apply principles of democratic decision making since those involved in the decision making process will feel an interest in the result of the process. You need to evaluate employees in the department. how can “cont...

Tesco Marketing

...3. Given how the UK grocery retailing market has changed and is continuing to change, what role do you believe should be played in the future by loyalty based schemes such as Clubcard? From this case study we understood that even being a leader in a market, even an innovator, is not enough to be sustainable and profitable. We have of course to admit that the Clubcard and the CRM strategy of Tesco was very successful, however that doesn't mean that there is no more space for changes. Taking a loo...

Proposal for Fashion Industry

...The consumer club of Espire company would like to know how customer react on usage of real animal fur .Many customers complain that they don’t encourage the usage of real animal fur in our daily life. Meanwhile the others prefer to use real animal fur in our daily life.The purpose of this questionnaire is to find out which type of society is majority in this world. It will determine what type of material they use , what items they buy, is the product is worth it and etc. The data will be kept ...

The Tao of Timbuk2

...Raw materials arrive at the plant? customer order their customized product? materials are bundled or assembled for customized product? materials are sewn to make customized bag? finished product is tagged and packed? distribution inventory? product sent to mode of delivery, such as cargo ship, shipment company? product delivered to customer Timbuk2 should also consider labor costs as well of manufacturing costs. It will probably be in their best interest to have as many bags as possible made in ...

Tata Docomo

...After analysis and interpretation of the data it can be concluded that TataDocomo is providing a broad range of various schemes ranging from international calling to hello tunes. This is the critical factor to attract various customers. Wide range of schemes is also leading to increase in number of customers with rapid pace for TaTA Tariff charges introduced by the TataDocomo are found to be cheaper than other services. TataDocomo has emerged as a giant killer due to their tariff plans and headi...

Customer Service

...Customer service is important because customer service does more than simply provide a means to drive sales. It is also said that when companies have a commitment to a customer service this raises the bar of competition. There are following tip for good customer services. Excellent customer service begins at the initial greeting. In this situations, using good people skills will increase the chances for a positive first impression. For example, saying hello with a smile to a customer who just w...

The Customer is Always Right

...In this report, I discussed my opinions about the business philosophy of ‘the customer is always right’. I discussed my thoughts and feelings on this subject and the steps I will take to enhance my customers’ experience. I finally discussed the strategies I thought provided a more useful alternative to the subject. There might be a difference in what people want and what they actually do; regardless, it is very important to listen to your customers. It is extremely important to know what y...

Organisational structure of British Airways

...This structure considers the importance which represent the customers without whom, no organization can remain long-lasting and show good results. This structure consists in determining need for every specific category of customers of the company to satisfy them at best. The structure which adopts British Airways articulates around the baptized project "Compete 2012" to answer the bigger and bigger customer requirements and to become eventually the leader regarding customer service in the aerona...

Rio Bravo

...The authors present the case study analysis of Rio Bravo IV, and observed that not all the 16 principles of operation management have been applied. The partnership that was introduced in order to improve the product for their client brought some techniques into the organisation helped, however this was at an ad hoc fashion. Customer focus and customer needs where not understood entirely. The leadership of the organisation displayed poor communication, and a lack of measurement systems for proces...

Lets Make

...I would recommend that the services be restructured to produce more profit. Maybe there could be the possibility of hiring more employees, you could also create a company owned application service, and if the requests for your services become overwhelming then you could hire a third party local contractor certify them in Lawn Care products and equipment. In the end this could be a very productive and profitable business. If there is a desire to make this a successful venture, then you would have...


...14. Use research to develop a list of companies where you believe you would like to work. What qualities do these companies have in common? Does a great work environment lead to success, or does success create a great place to work? When employees enjoy the work environment is a company more likely to succeed? Why or why not? United Airlines and Ford Motor Co. I worked for both companies I’m with Ford now both company works with its employees to get them into positions that match with the pers...

Business law

...Signal also stated that Tuner had breached contract for not paying on delivery. Payments can be made by any means agreed on by both parties. Under this contract there is no specific type of payment set. “ If the seller demands cash when the buyer offers a check, credit card, or the like, the seller must permit the buyer reasonable time to obtain legal tender” (Business Law Today; page 329). In this case Tuner offered Signal a check on the day of delivery, but Signal refuses, claiming the fi...

Individual Writing Assignment

...With the introduction of different varieties of ticket types, we are able to create a unique benefit to potential customers. New customers will be attracted greatly to our amusement parks because they can now enjoy our amusement parks several times at a discount price. Additionally, every type of customer will be satisfied and attracted instead of just time-starved, high-income professionals and their families proposed at the meeting. Therefore, by introducing different ticket types and not focu...

Micro Environmental Factors

...As the company expanded offering a broad portfolio of document management technology and services products, it redefined its name and altered Xerox’s competitors from copy machine producers to IT companies like HP and IBM. A new strong competition usually inspires more effort to serve customers better. These changes in the Xerox’s micro environmental factors have positively affected the company’s ability to serve its customers. Being in business for more than 50 years brings the company ad...

Brand Awareness and Perception towards Branded Jewellery

...After the purchase of specialty goods or shopping goods, the customer exhibits post purchase behaviour. It may be either cognitive consonance or cognitive dissonance. The consonance leads to dissatisfaction. But when it comes to customers going in high value premium segment goods such as gold, diamond and platinum ornaments, in a high competitive with too many players in the market, then the customer surely has a wide range of choice to choose from and carefully evaluates the different showrooms...

Advertising aimed at children

...To be more detailed, advertisements today are not so much about the products but rather about the character of the consumers and how they should feel when they use or possess the advertised product. Messages to children are all about the happiness, social status or success which accompanies the possession or consumption of a certain toy or type of food. This type of ads that causes mimicry should be banned. All these regulations in conjunction with education in schools, information for parents a...

Assess the View That Cults and Sects Are Only Fringe Organisations That Are Inevitably Short Lived and of Little Influence in Contemporary Society

...Therefore, though there is strong evidence to show that sects and cults are ‘fringe organisations’, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that neither are short lived in themselves either through the Sectarian cycle or demand and supply (though sects tend to become denominations) and also to suggest that the influence of sects and cults on society is greater than expected; though the influence of sects and cults is exemplified by older examples and so one cannot be sure as to how successfu...

Attachment Report: Kenya Seed Company Limited

...I must acknowledge that going for an attachment was one the most interesting and captivating things in my life. One of the most valuable lessons learnt from the internship is that it is of the essence that one enjoys their job. It is unimaginable that a person should go through so many years of schooling just to end up sulking each and every day of their work – such people were met during the attachment; it is not a desirable state to be in. In most of the cases,the internship served to teach ...

Oberoi Hotel

...| |Amongst Top 100 Hotels in the World |Travel + Leisure, World's Best Awards, Readers' Survey 2009 | |Best Hotels and Resorts in the World |Forbes Traveler 400, The World’s Best Hotels and Resorts 2009 | |Top 50 Hotels in Asia |Travel + Leisure, World’s Best Awards, Readers’ Survey 2008 | |(Ranked 3rd) | | |Top 100 Hotels in the World |Travel + Leisure, World’s Best Awards, Readers’ Survey 2008 | |(Ranked 6th) | | |Top 100 Hotels in Asia |Condé Nast Traveler, USA, Readers’ Choice A...

?Discuss Somerset’s global supply chain

...Customer Service Score Cards and Online Surveys: Lastly, Somerset should make every attempt to listen to the voice of its customers. Somerset could provide its customers with customer service score cards and/or online surveys so that they could stay in tune with the changing demands of their customers. The exceptions such as late deliveries or damaged products should be addressed as expeditiously as possible, however, it is in the organization’s best interest to know and understand what their ...

Singing Valley Resort

...E. The Singing Valley already have a targeted approach to increase revenue. But they did not get the point to promote it for their product. The biggest problem is the communication with their customers. The problem is come from the automated email system. They must be acquainted with the operation process, the management history, the political and legal environment of an enterprise. They can not send email unceremonious like sending some new exercise programs to disabled. They did not using th...

Purpose of correctly receiving

...I would create a positive image with positive attitude towards all customers. I would answer the phone with a smile and kindly greeting. I would also try to identify the callers and his needs, the I would deal with it with polite manners and I would try my best to help. Secondly I would speak naturally with sensible speed to make sure the caller understand properly, then I would repeat information if necessary and summarise all the points from the conversation with the caller. Lastly I would tha...

Jollibee Foods

...The flexibility to cater to customer needs is a sustained advantage. Not only did Jollibee create a spicy burger that appealed to native Filipinos, they also were able to customize meals for local tastes in foreign markets. Another sustained advantage was the international strategy to target expatriates and planting the flag. The targeting of expatriates allowed the company to ease its transition into an unfamiliar market. The popularity amongst expats could generate publicity and attract walk-i...

Person-centred care

...Accident Prevention: - carrying out work directions to ensure the safety of the customer and others Prevention of injury to individuals:- Ensuring the correct handling of customers so injury does not happen Prevention of injury to workers and other professional individuals: - Again ensuring the correct handling of customers so the care worker or other professionals are not going to put themselves at risk of injury. Description of procedures or steps:- Ensuring that everything in the written to a...

UPS Solutions

...packaging supplies. Ideally, you'll want to use a new corrugated box. •Select and use proper cushioning materials for package contents. Wrap items individually and surround them with bubble sheeting and recyclable or foam loose-fill materials. Content should not directly touch the inside of the shipping box. •Securely seal your package. Use pressure-sensitive plastic or nylon reinforced tape that's at least 2 in./5.08 cm wide. •Properly label your package. Include full shipping instruction...

Innovative Widgets Customer Service Plan

...•Using the RATER model as the key training tool and used as the underlying aspect of all procedures, will ensure superior customer service; oAlways delivering what we promise in service and product (reliability) oEnsuring our customers have trust in our knowledge and confidence in our ability to deliver to the highest standard (assurance) oAlways representing Innovative Widgets in a positive way (tangibles) oBeing attentive to our customers, using active listening and courteous language (empat...

Cemetery billing and mapping system

...It also provides an easy access to the authorized personnel only and performs automatic computation for billing. To the customer, the best information and services are ready to serve and a faster billing process is given, creating less hassle on paying bills. To the future researcher, this will guide them as a reference for their future subjects related in this study and can then be improved as technology and knowledge is growing. To STI College Marikina, this will serve as a reference to future...

Manage Quality Customer Service

...AET transport pty ltd. was established in 1997 by Fred Bingle of Melbourne, Australia. AET's very first truck was a 1982 worldwide Acco 1950c table/tray top which provided coulee agro, a regional Fertilizer Business with bulk fertilizers, chemicals and anhydrous ammonia. The recently formed company quickly accomplished its goals through long hours and tough work. The AET transport company used up from 3 to eleven trucks in just over a year as their credibility continued to grow. In 2004 a succes...

FAQ about Customer

How does an organization create customer value

...Therefore, it is not just resolving the issue that makes the customer value your company, it is the speed at which that issue or complaint is resolved. The desire of each marketing person and each company, per se, is building a strong and loyal custo ...

How an HR Practitioner ensures the services they provide are timely and effective

...Effective communication between all stakeholders is vital to ensure all interested parties are informed and involved in the decision making process. The method of communication used depends on the customers needs, the type of information and how much ...

Zara: What is CRM

...Employee and sales person relationship with a customer: They have also given major emphasis to convince for customers in which layout has played a major role. The layout of the store is so effective that customers find their way out of what they wan ...

How has social media changed the way marketers and consumers communicate with one another?

...| Student Answer:| | This is gap 3. Gap 3 is due to the inability of management and employees to do what should be done. Management should ensure that employees have the skills and the proper tools to perform their jobs. Other techniques that help to ...

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