Curriculum revision Essay

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Curriculum revision

It is no news that many improvements have taken place in the educational system of the country over the last two decades. Many scientific discoveries have become available as tools to hasten acquisition of productive education that would be useful in contributing effectively to the development of the nation. Arts and science have evolved newer and bigger methods of communication vital for excellent teacher-student relations. Indeed, all forms and work s of life have undergone serious transformations that have made life more compatible with the Earth.

Therefore, it would obviously be a futile effort to remain dogmatic and still stick to old school curriculum. Some of the contents of the curriculum are moribund and are inconsistent with the speed of technological advancement. These would not produce 21st century students that can compete favorably with their colleagues from other schools in the Country. As the world progresses, the curriculum must be revised and improved. This need for revision can not be overemphasized as it can be seen in the speed of revisions of many books.

Editions change rapidly ever year incorporating new writing skirls that make referencing less burdensome; these also feature printing developments in the form of schema builders like colored pictures, radiological tools, digital and laser printing. All these make reading more pleasurable and books more alluring to the eyes. It is important to emphasize the major that actually need such revision: writing skills have to advance tremendously. Better syntax need be incorporated: this is intended to accommodate new rules of concord.

With this, the knowledge of grammar of students is significantly century-compliant. Simple English would convey the information better. Styles of writing such as the APA American Psychological Association, MLA [Modern Language Association] and other referencing styles such as Harvard, Oxford or Chicago should be integrated in the revision. These are indeed indispensable as they ease reading, make references more accessible, and promote further study on the subject of concern.

These also encourage the learning of the language, in relation to other fields on interest. The singular most important tool that upholds education in this age is Technology. It is just inevitable for productive and responsive training in any field. The use of Audiovisual aids for teaching and learning, information transfer through such facilities as the Internet shrinks the world to a global village. Thus, the teacher-student distance has reduced drastically. This access as made education livelier and closer than it used to be in the old days.

Better printing gadgets have also added glamour to written materials. The use of Slide shows with PowerPoint and other computer application packages have aid knowledge and research. These are extraordinary and highly welcomed. Incorporations of these into the curriculum can not be overemphasized. Teachers would be better equipped to discharge their duties and students would be more receptive to teaching. Really, It is only a fool who trek one thousand miles barefooted to deliver an urgent mail when he has been offered a car for the same trip.

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