Curriculum Implementation and Evaluation Essay

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Curriculum Implementation and Evaluation

The 8th grade English curriculum is one of the student’s preparatory curriculum scheme that is entitled to provide efficiency in the learning process of English. It is a core process and procedure that is aimed any ensuring the student is able to achieve the most implicit English learning techniques. Though complex however, the curriculum system can be described in a brief manner that provides the most important factors in its implementation. At one level, it requires that the students demonstrate a clear understanding on what builds the English grammatical facets that is captured by both written and spoken English.

This implies that, the student should demonstrate a concise command into English grammar in terms of punctuations marks, sentence structure and sentence use. Elsewhere, it incorporates the essence of student-teacher relationship both in class and assignments. This is synonymous to adequate communication and response between them in modeling an attractive English learning environment. Here, the student is required of his/her participation in class response and other subject modeling areas. ( http://www. rusd. k12. ca. us/4teachers/langarts/corenovels8.

html) The system recognizes the importance of other forms and sources of learning English such as the media and texts. Here, he/she is required to gather the most appropriate information that may help him in the learning process which is not within the classroom environment. Comprehensions and passages are important. This is developed through engaging them in reading various comprehension texts and passages that help them to develop a more valuable support towards comprehending. (http://www. gisd. k12. nm. us/standards/eighth/8thLA_gisd. html)

In the process of learning English, induced acquisition of new vocabulary is highly important. This is got from student’s ability to write different word meanings and pronunciation of words as well as their correct placement into English sentences. The process of adequacy in reading is required. A student should demonstrate ability in loud reading that is clear in terms of pronunciation and sentence clarity. Reading ability can be acquired through his/her role of reading the most appropriate materials equivalent of 25 books in Georgia English curriculum.

Development of exemplary English knowledge should be accompanied by a student’s ability of acknowledging different English authors and their publications. The scope of student reading should be broad that help to provide him with acquiring new vocabulary and information from different study areas. Having read widely, he/she should produce concrete, well-formatted and grammatical writing. This should be coupled with competence in various English genres. Writing ability can be supported by comprehensive research into books, media, archives and the internet.

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