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Curriculum Assessment Essay

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Assessment is an important part of our curriculum framework as it both enhances learning and provides opportunities for students to reflect on what they know, understand, and can do. It also provides the guidance, the tools and the incentive for the teachers and the students, as well as the curriculum makers, for them to become more competent, more skillful and better at understanding on how everybody will learn. INTENDED VS IMPLEMENTED VS ACHIEVED CURRICULUM




Refers to the objectives set at the beginning of any curricular plan.

Refers to the various learning activities or experiences of the students in order to achieve the intended curricular outcomes.

Refers to the curriculum outcomes based on the first two types of curriculum: the intended & implemented curriculum.

Establishes the goal, specific purposes and immediate objectives to be accomplished.

Refers to the actual activities being practiced in schools
It is considered the product/learning outcomes of the curriculum development process.

It answers what the curriculum writer wants to do.

The activities may coincide with the specified objectives of the curriculum (intended curriculum) or may largely be out of agenda.

It indicates performance in relation to the objectives and the activities usually described thru test scores and other performance indicators measured by evaluation tools.

1. Are the objectives achievable within learners’ development levels? 2. Is it achievable within allotted time?
3. Are there enough resources to achieve the objectives?
4. Are the objectives clear and specific?
5. What are the ways to measure the outcomes of the objectives? 6. Are the objectives observable, relevant and doable?
1. Are the learning objectives congruent with the stated objectives of the curriculum? 2. Does the teacher have the skill to implement the activities or use the strategy? 3. Does the teacher utilize the various ways of doing to complement the learning styles of students? 4. Are the materials and methods appropriate for the objectives set? 5. Are there alternative activities for learners to do to accomplish the same objectives? 6. Are there activities to address individual differences?

7. Do the activities provide maximum learning experiences?
8. Do the activities motivate the learners to do more and harness their potentials? 9. Do the activities utilize multiple sensory abilities of the learners? 10. Do the activities address multiple intelligences of the learners?

1. Do the learning outcomes achieved by the learners approximate the level of performance set at the beginning of the curriculum? 2. Are the learning
outcomes achieved higher or lower than the objectives set? 3. Do the achieved learning outcomes reflect the knowledge, skills and attitudes? 4. How many percent of the learners in the same class perform higher than the level set at the beginning? 5. Do the curricular outcomes reflect the goals and aspirations of the community where the curriculum was implemented?

1. Use of Curriculum Mapping
A curriculum map is created by the teacher of the subject by recording what he/she is actually doing in the classroom at various points throughout the day. Then, the map is compared to what is actually written in the school district’s curriculum guide. 2. Use of Backward Mapping

Analyzing items on a culminating test (an achievement test or final exam) to determine the actual achieved curriculum. These test items are then compared to the written curriculum and the mapped taught curriculum to find gaps and overlaps.




(What are the goals of BEC?)

(How was BEC implemented to accomplish the goals?)

What has BEC achieved?)

To raise the quality of the Filipino learners and graduates who will become lifelong learners.

Learning areas were reconstructed into 5 learning areas: English, Science, Mathematics, Filipino and MAKABAYAN.

Increased level of performance in tool subjects.

To decongest the curriculum in order that the teachers and the learners will be able to contextualize it.

Grades 1 & 2 Science & Health is integrated in English. Formal Science subject starts at 3rd Grade.

Change in teachers paradigm from being dispenser of knowledge to facilitator of learning.

To use innovate, interdisciplinary and integrative modes of instructional delivery whenever possible and appropriate.

MAKABAYAN comprise Character Ed. &Sibika at Kultura for Grades 1-3; plus EPP (TLE), MSEP (MAPEH), and Hekasi (AP) from grade 4 – HS

Increased instructional materials support for teaching & learning and decentralized management of school resources.

To increase time for tasks in order to gain mastery of competencies of the basic tool subject.

Learning activities are made interactive, integrative, learner – performance based.

Increased number of in – service trainings for teachers and more involvement of stakeholders.

In the BEC or in any curriculum for that matter, there is an evident matchbetween the intended, implemented and achieved curricula.

Each type of curriculum should be linked to one another. Any gap will make the curriculum weak and will lead to obstacles in the accomplishment of the overall purpose of the curriculum. PROFILE

The first reporter is Miss Jannah Madonna Panganiban La Rosa. She was born on November 21, 1988 and is presently residing at Brgy. PambisanMalaki, Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. She finished her collegiate education at Mindoro State College of Agriculture & Technology (Main Campus), Victoria, Oriental Mindoro, with a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in General Science. At present, she is a Secondary School Teacher of Nabuslot National High School.

The second reporter is Mr. Ian Luke LacatanLolong. He was born on December 15, 1989 and is presently residing at Bangbang, Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. He finished his collegiate education at Kalos Mission Arts College (formerly Baguio Theological School), Baguio City with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Theology. At present, his pastoral ministry is at Pambisan Bible Christian Church, Pinamalayan.

The third reporter is Mrs. JhoanSapunganIngco. She is presently residing at Sabang, Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro. She finished her collegiate education at ABADA College, Pinamalayan with a degree in Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in English. At present, she is a Secondary School Teacher in Nabuslot National High School, Sabang Extension.

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