Current Trends in Climate Change Essay

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Current Trends in Climate Change

“Many people use the words weather and climate as if they mean the same thing. They do not. It is important to understand the difference in order to understand the idea of climate change. Everyone knows what weather is. It’s what is going on in the atmosphere at a Particular Place and time. Weather is measured in terms of wind speed, temperature, Humidity, Atmospheric pressure, cloudiness, and precipitation. In most places, weather Changes from hour-to-hour, day-to-day, and season-to-season. The word climate refers to The Average pattern of weather in a region”.

(http://www. gcrio. org/gwcc/booklet1. html) Air is a mixture of many gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. These gases have a certain weight. The weight of these gases presses down on the earth. The pressure of these gases is termed as atmospheric pressure. The developments are necessary for this global village as they are an essential part of our life. In this era nobody can survive without innovations. But scientists have proved the fact that through these developments we are devastating the earth.

It has been observed that global climatic change is risky to human health and eco systems. Agriculture (an important economic resource) and many natural resources maybe affected. Agriculture is an important economic resource for a country’s economy. It is the main survival of the people. In olden days people used to do all the work by themselves, but nowadays agriculture is also done by industrial machinery. Using pesticides in the fields of certain home (food) items, many times results in the death of people. By using pesticides, the fertilization of the land is also affected.

A sudden change in temperature may overcome us. May be the devastating “Tsunami” that rocked the world and took Indonesia in the jaws of death was just a signal to alert us for upcoming disasters. Severe droughts and floods may add more stress and miseries to life. This may happen because of increasing population, land-use changes and pollution. The process of climatic adaptation in animals and plants may be much slower. Globally; sea level has risen 4-10 inches over the past century. World wide participation over land has increased over one percent.

What Is Climatic Change? “Weather changes all the time. The average pattern of weather, called climate, usually stays pretty same for centuries if it is left to itself. However, the earth is not being left alone. People are taking actions that can change the earth and its climate in significant ways”. (http://www. gcrio. org/gwcc/part1. html) According to scientists it has been observed that till 2050, earth may undergo many climatic changes. The main cause of these climatic changes would be an increase in the demands of people.

Mostly, scientists believe that human beings are destroying this world. They feel more comfortable with the appliances and fast-working machinery. Some of them know the side effects but thee others are still unknown and their acts of using things in such an increasing ratio signifies that they don’t want to know, what are they giving to this earth. What Is Causing The Climatic Change? Scientists believe that the cause of sudden climatic change may be unlimited human activities by which greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, which is necessary for plants to live.

They take it in through tiny mouths called stomata. Usually plants do everything which the human beings don’t want. Methane and nitrous oxide are formed. The earth’s climate response to these gases is still uncertain; however, the global temperatures are rising. Some of the certain activities which are taking place on earth either by human activities or some other reasons are as under: Carbon Dioxide & Other Green House Gases: The only human activity which is having a great impact on climate is the burning of “fossil fuels”.

These fuels contain carbon burning of that carbon produces carbon dioxide gas. Since the early 1800’s when people started to burn large amounts of carbon and fossil feuls the amount of carbon dioxide gas increased in the atmosphere up to 30% and the global temperature raised up to 1 and 2 F, this hazardous gas stores the solar heat energy and there fore called a green house gas. As more gas will be added to the atmosphere solar heat would not had any way of recycling out and this will cause increase in the global temperature.

Other green house gases such as methane, nitrous oxide and sulfur particles when burnt enters the atmosphere as fine particles and causes sulfur pollution which contribute various environmental problems. Sulfur was considered to be the cooler of planets but this theory was cancelled when it was adopted that sulfur is a warm agent, more over the measures to decrease the sulfur air pollution which are being taken now such practices will be neglected in the future and this will cause more rise in the temperature.

A little amount of carbon dioxide is added through the actions of dilute acids or steam on certain metals. Carbon dioxide is also released in a small quantity, while practical are being done in chemistry labs. The ice which freezes around the surrounding walls of the refrigerators is carbon dioxide gas. Food which is put into the refrigerators for long is hazardous for health because it absorbs the carbon dioxide in it, this is the fact why scientists and food experts advise people to refrigerate food just for one to three days.

The Green House Effect: Have we ever thought that why life is only on the earth? This is not a god-gift’s to us. Scientific reasons are behind it. Mercury which is closer to the sun has no life because human beings cannot bear its temperature. The earth is the only planet in the solar system which poses a moderate climate. But do we want this moderate climate? The acts do not signify that because the devastating hand is of human beings. The green house effect is the one which keeps the earth’s atmosphere warmer than our neighboring planet, Mars.

Unlike Mars the earth has thick atmosphere which redistribute and can trap the sun energy. Water vapor, ozone, carbon dioxide gas, methane, nitrous oxide, and sulfur particles absorb infrared energy which was supposed to be recycled from the earth by the absorbing of this energy it does not exceed out of the earth. This process is commonly known as the “green house effect”. This is a natural process through which the earth has gone since it had the first atmosphere. Global Warming: The term “global warming” or “greenhouse gases” refer to the heinous gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.

Global warming is caused by the burning of fossil fuels in the air such as coal, petrol. A little quantity of carbon is released by the actions of dilute acids and steam on certain metals, resulting in a rise of greenhouse gases. Global Warning’s effect would be none except a rise in temperature, droughts or storms on the earth which would add more stress to the industries and to the people. How Much Warming Will Be There? If the things carry on with the same practices warming level would be raised up to 2. 5°F (1. 4°C) by the year 2050.

Climate scientists have identified a number of positive and Negative feed backs (some important changes that can occur in the future climate) in the Climate system i. e. water vapor is not considered as a part of climatic change. However the certain climatic predictions state that how the water vapors will be a reactant in Changing the green house concentrations. The Ozone Hole Is A Different Problem: When police officers go on special missions they wear amours to protect themselves. The ozone layer is like a damage-proof layer on the earth.

But today its condition is worsening day by day through an increasing rate in industrialization. Many people merge the ozone hole with the climate problem but since these two are very different problems and are not closely related. The ozone layer works as a protective agent for earth from the hazardous ultra violet rays which can cause skin cancer and can be harmful to animals and plants. The main cause of this hole is chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) gases which are used in the making of refrigerators, air conditioners and industrial applications. http://www. gcrio. org/gwcc/part1.

html Industrialization: “From 1870 to 1900 the United States became the world’s foremost industrial nation. It Emerged as the leader in meatpacking, in production of timber and steel, and in the Mining of coal, iron, gold, and silver. That’s why today the United States is the world’s most popular money-making country. Overall, the nation experienced a stunning Explosion in the scale of industry and in the pace of production. By the turn of the Century, industrialization had transformed commerce, business organization, the Environment, the workplace, the home, and everyday life.

Many factors fueled industrial growth in the late 19th century: abundant resources, new Technology, cheap energy, fast transport, and the availability of capital and labor. Mines, Forests, and livestock in the west provided raw materials for major industries. Railroad Expansion enabled businesses to move raw materials to factories and to send products to urban markets. A steady stream of immigrants arrived to work in America’s mines and factories. Technological advances transformed production. The new machine-tool industry, which Turned out drilling, cutting, and milling machines, sped up manufacturing.

A trail of Inventions, including the telephone, typewriter, linotype, phonograph, electric light, cash Register, air brake, refrigerator car, and automobile, led to new industries. Finally, Business leaders learned how to operate and coordinate many different economic Activities across broad geographic areas. Businesses were thus able to become larger, and the modern corporation became an important form of business organization”. (http://www. countriesquest. com/north_america/usa/history/industrialization_and_urbanization. htm)

Slowly and thoroughly the US spread industries all over its region and became the most innovated country of the world. In the past era, the US did many positive and negative Innovations but either it is positive or negative industrialization has its effect on the Atmosphere and on the human life Innovation has somewhere a way to destroy the world as well. A good example of this can be World War II. During the end of this war Adolph Hitler dropped atom bombs on the two cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan. That event shocked the whole world and even today people are not so well known about the nuclear energy.

The point of attraction is that how to reduce pollution, greenhouse gases or worst affect of industries on earth either by stopping the advancements or by using the right materials at the right time. The developments of 21st century are the most advanced ones as this is known to be the most developed century. Nuclear energy is one of those innovations. But how it was developed and is it now used positively or just for violence? Nuclear Energy: “Nuclear energy was first discovered accidentally by French physicist Henri Bacquerel in

1896, when he found that photographic plates stored near uranium compounds behaved s though they had been exposed to light in a manner similar to X-rays, which had been just recently discovered at the time”. Many countries in this world are fighting for this technology as this helps them in making of new and developed weapons. Now, China is the leading country in regarding to Nuclear Energy. (http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Nuclear_energy) Nuclear Weapons: “Nuclear weapons have been a focus of FAS work since it’s founding in 1945 by scientists concerned about control of the awesome new technology they had helped Create.

Today we often hear about on the radiological weapons known as dirty bombs. We inform the dangers of these next generation weapons by individuals or non-state Terrorists”. http://www. fas. org/main/content. jsp? formAction=325&projectId=7&gclid=CPuszdvJkooCFQdsEAodZAI0fQ The technology has based itself on this world. Now slowly and gradually the effect on the inventors have neglected Earth’s climate. They know that how harmful their Innovation could be to the atmosphere but they are eager to show their work to the People. Large Computer Models of the Climate:

There are a large number of these sorts of computer models called General Circulation Models (GCMs). They are used to record the actual atmospheric pressure, however sometimes the result is Unsatisfactory. This is used to record the earth’s atmospheric temperature when the Amount of carbon dioxide is doubled. Many times they receive awkward predictions but Still this technology has been regarded as a useful one. The US and other countries are working on these research-based projects so that more Knowledge could be added to these models or research-based projects. The Change In Climate, How Fast Will It Change?

As usual the change in climate will obviously be due to an increase in greenhouse gases, industrialization, population and miseries. Changing of climate depends on the acts and behaviors of the people. As far As the speed of changing climate is concerned, it will be according to the innovations and their influence on day-today life. Scientists have observed that in the coming decades the Ratio of industrialization will be increased resulting in more carbon dioxide or green House gases. The developing countries like China and India will have an increase in population and to meet their needs they will use the world technologies.

These technologies will create more greenhouse gases and maybe it will result in a Disaster in coming era Climate Change and Long-Term Energy Supplies: “As we enter the next Century, new and difficult choices may have to be made if we are to achieve a sustainable future. We will need to find ways of breaking the link between economic developments and increasing Emissions of greenhouse gases, in particular CO2. New technologies may Emerge that will help to alleviate the problem, but they cannot be relied upon to solve it.

Unequivocal evidence of the existence of human-induced Climate change is unlikely to be available for some years, but meanwhile, taking a precautionary approach, we need to plan ahead now. Climate change has been an increasing preoccupation worldwide for the Last quarter century. It affects many things, profoundly energy policy Everywhere Regarding this conflicting situation the Intergovernmental Panel on climate Change (IPCC) was established in 1998. The first world climate Conference was held in 1979. It published its first assessment report in1990 for the Second World Climate Conference.

The report stated that the Increasing greenhouse gases due to the unusual human practices is Increasing and it can affect the earth’s atmosphere badly in the coming Centuries”. http://www. sd-commission. org. uk/panel-sd/panel3/7. htm What should people do to reduce the risk of Greenhouse Gases? The most important role in any activity is of the nation or the people. The people cause greenhouse gases in an obvious rate. The need of Fossil fuels should be reduced and people should have a control on their Demands. In this era 45% people are using home appliances unnecessarily.

The cutting of vegetables which was once done by hands and knife is Know done by electronic choppers and slicers. The races of mankind has Reached its peak and this may be the main cause of the coming disaster on the earth. Dense Population: “A combination of climatic and environmental disturbances has been mutually reinforcing each other causing a deterioration of the world Ecology. Ongoing global warming, mass extinction of species and Overpopulation are key problems”. (http://www. psrast. org/globecolcr. htm) The population of world is very unevenly distributed human population is Dense at places where climate is pleasant.

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