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Current Events Essay Examples

Current Events

...Hence the different theories do not mean that one is more applicable than the other , but they should rather viewed as complementary to one another and having understood these theories would provide a better understanding of the various stages in the development and growth of societies. References Wikipedia (2007) Introduction to Sociology/Sociological Theory {www document} URL http://en. wikibooks. org/wiki/Introduction_to_Sociology/Sociological_Theory#Conflict_Theory, Accessed January 19, 2007...

Current Events Presentation: Team Quest Lawsuit

...The main issue is money. Neither of them saw the wild success that MMA or Team Quest would achieve in 2001. Now they are both fighting over who has rights to the brand Team Quest. The conclusion on this case is not so cut and dry and will require a lot more debate and deliberation on the issue – not only for Henderson and Lindland, but also for similar cases to follow. This one is far from over. Article website: http://www. sherdog. com/news/news/Analysis-Henderson-Lindland-Battle-Over-Team-Qu...

Impact of Current Events and Trends on Tourism

...Tourism services compete on more than just image, differentiation, and benefits offered. Tourism demand trends. While the mass tourism market remains fundamental to the growth of many destinations, the new challenge for the decision makers of the tourism sector nowadays seems to be the choice between supporting the conventional mass tourism activities or creating the conditions for the development of a new local tourism supply (Conti and Perelli, n.d.:17). The multi-motivational nature of holida...

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