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Current Debate Essay

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Statement of Purpose Today, networking of every kind is fuelling the momentum of change. And in the process further transforming the way we live, work and play. The interplay and interconnections between various devices and systems is creating a world of surprises. To stay ahead in the fast changing world requires the ability to look beyond the present. Most new developments emerge in the USA and then spread almost instantly across the world. My country, India is also caught in the ‘web’ of change creating exciting opportunities for youngsters of my generation.

Indians are proving the worth of their merit and diligence on world platforms. The caliber to match international parameters is the vital need of the hour. This has motivated me to pursue a Master’s course in Electrical Engineering at your school. You have the best research facilities, the latest equipment and the dynamic curriculum, which will enable me to understand and apply modern techniques to meet different needs.

Your faculty does not only teach what is known but actively contributes to the growth of new knowledge.

Education at your institute will equip me to keep pace with the technological revolution. I will be well prepared to evolve with the demands of change. I want to learn to grow in the challenging field of information technology and its related industries. I want to understand the intricacies of the wide spectrum of networking and the allied field of web-linked services. This is the one sphere, which is making the ‘impossible’ of yesterday, a reality of today and going beyond to create a new tomorrow.

My ambition is to focus on a career aimed at contributing to research and development in the arena of information technology. Your training will develop my expertise to manage the vital aspects of all technology with the capability to adapt, assimilate and add on new dimensions of my own. My academic record throughout has been outstanding. I secured 97. 33% in the Sciences (comprising Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) in the 12th standard, thereby gaining direct admission to the Engineering institute- S.

P. C. E. (Sardar Patel College of Engineering) in a highly competitive field. My academic performance continued to flourish at S. P. C. E. and I consistently stood among the top rankers. I received merit Scholarships for excellence in Academics from the State Bank of India and the “SIR RATAN TATA TRUST”. My schedule at engineering college was filled with intense study and focused work for research and a variety of technical projects. I was active on many other fronts too. I am an active member of

the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE). I have also been a part of the Electrical and Electronics Students Association (EESA) of my college. As an active member I was involved in organizing the EESA inaugural as well as the EESA week which consisted of seminars, presentations and various quiz competitions. I was also an active member of the team responsible for organizing ‘The India Room’ at the college festival during the second year of my Engineering degree. This was done with the special

intention to commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Indian Independence and was the highlight of the festival. As part of the student management committee I helped in the organization of the Technical Exhibition section at ‘SPACE-99’, our college festival. The exhibition was known for innovative presentations and I led my team to establish new benchmarks with original creations. The exhibits ranged from educational software to automated signals and complex electronic games. The engineering curriculum gave me a strong grasp of all technical principles.

Of the wide range of subjects, I was most interested in the fields of Computer Networking, Computer Architecture, Microprocessors and Digital Systems, as well as in the field of Parallel Processing. I wrote a Technical Paper titled “A Treatise on TCP/IP and The Proposed OSI Reference Model”, for an I. E. E. E. contest in K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering. This paper concentrated on the study of the TCP/IP protocol suite, and made a comparison with the proposed OSI Reference Model.

My teammates and I developed software in Visual Basic to function as a visual aid in understanding the Microprocessor-8086, which was also presented at a software contest at VESIT (Vivekananda Educational Society’s Institute of Technology). I must say that I was most confident whilst presenting our software to an audience of 100 comprising of both students and faculty, in fact debates and public speaking have always been my forte. My final year B. E. project concentrated on developing a Micro- controller controlled air-conditioning system using the fuzzy set theory.

One of the most important phases of my education took place on the sports fields. Training in sports taught me the value of discipline, rigorous practice and teamwork. There was a time when I went down in the dumps with a defeat in a match. My sports’ teachers taught me to rise again after every fall, which helped me to face setbacks in life with courage and the ability to ‘try again and again’. Fair play and sportsmanship prepared me to win the battles of life on the basis of merit alone. Once a week, I worked as a teacher’s aid at a center for Adult education.

I took on the challenge to introduce them to the world of basic education, health and hygiene, which was hitherto, something they never cared for. This brought out my creativity and taught me to share my knowledge with others. I sincerely hope that my dedication towards excellence in whatever I do, along with my outstanding academic records, qualify me for admission to your institute. I look forward to creating my own niche in the international family of students at your school. I believe that every experience will add to my all round education and prepare me for the future. Vinod Pandey

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