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Current Business climate at Ford Motor Vehicle Company

Current Business climate at Ford Motor Vehicle Company

Ford is a company that for some years has been struggling problems of lost market share and reconnects with its customers. Allan Mulally is the new incoming CEO. He has introduced a rare brand of alluring toughness. As the old saying goes “desperate situations call for desperate measures- and Ford is suffering the most desperate of times and taking the most desperate of the measures. It is believed that Ford has too many mediocre brands.

            According to (Powert, 2009), Fords brands have improved in its 2009 Automotive Performance. This is credit to the company’s measuring customer satisfaction in design, content and vehicle performance. Study has shown that Fords brands has been improving by 17 points and of late is being ranked sixth among the carmakers from last year. Lincoln brand gained 18 points, while Mercury gained eight points. According to group vice president, this is bound to improve further. The company is focusing on delivering quality products of extra high quality.

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They are geared towards surpassing customer quality expectations at reasonable price. Ford is moving to the ground to inquire on customer response concerning a product released. The customer rates the level of “satisfaction” on various vehicle attributes, including, fuel consumption, comfort, price, elegance and most of all safety.

            The above may sometimes not quite reliable, thus Ford has resulted to carrying out survey, studying historical trends and customer satisfaction rates and talking to people who have recommended Ford to their friends. Emotional engineering which focuses on the senses of sight, sound and feel, thus coming up with satisfying vehicles to own and drive.

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Every vehicle from Ford is designed to give maximum emotional response to the owner. A team of experts have been assigned to ensure significant steps in minimizing defects (Berman. B. 2006).

            Besides providing high quality products, Ford is focusing at providing vehicles that surprise and amusement. Features ranging from comfort seats, sleek materials and surfaces and liquid flow- like paint.

            To tighten focus, Ford is concentrating on key brands. In this case, the main stay is Volvo brands. This is at the expense of other products like Lincoln, Mercury and Land rover. The company is further streamlining its production costs which have been US$800 more than other big car makers. Extra marketing is carried out to restore its former glory. The management is improving on the balance sheet to arrest the falling share prices. This is all geared to recapturing the lost market share especially in North America and Western Europe (Magliano, 2008).

            Ford Company is periodically examining the consistency of their brand among various customer bases. This ensures that the product feels same to everyone at each encounter. This is achieved best through displays, catalogues, promotions and effective customer service.

Recommendations to Ford Company

            To lead a customer focused organization, Ford Company should address the core requirements of the organization management. They should cultivate a culture of regular evaluation and development both at the organizational and personal altitude. They should develop a customer biased strategy. These strategies should be in line with the companies mission, vision and core values. To ensure continuous influx of customers, they should evaluate and improve personal customer focused headship. The management should identify a process for evaluation of customer service that is supported by key stakeholders and accepted by the management board.

            The management should translate customer focused values into desired behaviors. This will help them endorse policies and processes that are supported by the desired behaviors. They should come up with customer service teams that augment organization performance. The teams will emphasize the significance of the customer service to the organization.

            The customer provides the most efficient advertising tool. A happy and contented customer is much more likely to send customers to their way. This in turn helps to build a desired relationship with the company. The company should employ communications media and language that is suitable to individuals, groups and situation when interrelating with customers and colleagues. As a long term goal, Ford Company should deal with customer and wider society expectations of the organization and factors that may impact on service provision. This will help to demonstrate and reinforce commitment to customers.

            Customer service representatives need to be trained as they assume the new role. They should have the eyes of the management as they respond to the queries on the products on offer. In order to redeem their already fallen name, Ford Company should focus more on customer satisfaction rather than just turn over speed. They should focus on happy customers rather than quick ones. They should take advantage of the technological advancement as well. Online advertising is not only quick and cheap, but targets a wider market.


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