Cumberland Packaing Essay

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Cumberland Packaing

1. Using the types of marketing strategies discussed in this chapter, indicate the type of strategy that best characterizes:

– Equal’s marketing strategy during the 1980s

Equal’s marketing strategy during the year 1980s is focus on strong franchise development. This means that Equal is using the concepts of franchising in dealing to its markets and its underlying developments in the year 1980s. One good example of Equal’s strong franchise development is connected to their efforts in marketing as well as advertising practice. One good example of this one occurred in the year 1981 when G.D. Searle received an approval by FDA allowing them to market products with a revolutionary new sugar substitute which has been trademarked as NutraSweet. There was likewise then the preliminary application of Searle and that was to create Equal, also a sugar substitute.

– Sweet’n Low’s marketing strategy before Equal’s introduction and after Equal’s introduction

Sweet’n Low’s marketing strategy before Equal is focus on production and sales strategies where in fact, Sweet’n Low had achieved booming sales despite FDA warnings as well as some substance issues on the contents of their products along with the product packaging. They’ve allowed effective market segmentation as evidenced in high percentage shares and their sales did continue upward meaning, Sweet’n Low is experiencing positive sales figures and better marketing base.

In addition, Sweet’n Low’s marketing after Equal is focus more on market leadership wherein the latter did continue to lead in supermarket unit sales. Sweet’n Low continues to dominate their product/market sales in the restaurant market during those times. This means that they’ve adapted expansion strategies in terms of their target markets as in former times they served supermarket sales and later on, the restaurants. During these times, Equal products where left behind in the market because they have higher prices as compared to Sweet’n Low. Because of higher prices, Equal created the dollar volume leader of which is not always a good sign for effective marketing and its application.

2. Describe the product line branding strategies of Cumberland and Nutra Sweet in the 1990s and explain the likely reasoning underlying these strategies.

The product line branding strategies of Cumberland in the year 1990s has been reflected when the company first use and execute product launching of their new brand, ‘Sweet One’. This means that Cumberland has utilized branding strategies that directs to brand or product launching. In this manner, Cumberland has gained a number of customers as an effect of their ‘Sweet One’ launching strategy in the year 1900s. Cumberland did concentrate on their brand image and reputation by putting emphasis on their product label and package despite lawsuits they’ve received from the makers of Equal, Nutra Sweet. Cumberland concentrated on their brand image maybe because they wanted to accomplish stable sales and profits and to become one of the trusted leaders in the tabletop sweetener business of which loyal customers prefer to have.

For Nutra Sweet’s product line branding strategies, they concentrate on Equal’s advertising tactics and schemes and spent a lot for it. Now, prior to the outcome, of a failed case against Cumberland’s ‘Sweet One’ Nutra Sweet continued to spend heavily on advertising for their brand, Equal as well as for Nutra Sweet products. In these times, competitors in the market are expected to rise since the patent for Equal expires later on. This is in line with tabletop artificial sweetener industry.

In the long run of the year 1990s, Nutra Sweet did utilize also brand introduction of which the latter did unveil a new brand which is known as ‘Nutra Sweet Spoonful’. These particular products were sold in reusable glass containers. Nutra Sweet has adapted new brand strategy through market launching probably because the company wanted to answer back and respond to fierce competition. They wanted to show the customers what they can offer and let their market rivals feel that they also have good branding power as well as influence.

3. A – Where do you think the tabletop artificial sweetener market is in the product life cycle?

If we speak about the product life cycle concerning to the tabletop artificial sweetener market, in the case it is quite evident that the product life cycle is heading towards positive sweetener market economy. One good example for this one is the 80 percent share of artificial tabletop sweetener market such as in restaurants and grocery stores. The product life cycle is in active state wherein companies within this industry has been trying their very best to launch new brand line in the market, utilize franchise development, segment markets, generate advertising and promotions to better present their brands in a more positive image and reputation so to speak. Product life cycle is active because tabletop sweetener companies are also active in their marketing goals and objectives which means the industry is not dying despite some market related problems and or issues thereto.

B – Based on your answer to Question a., how will marketing strategies and programs change in the mid-1990s?

The marketing strategies and programs change in the mid-1990s by means of continued commitment as well as dedication to product marketing and effective branding. This means that there is a surging effect of active product life cycle as the tabletop sweetener industry as of the present times is still serving its customers up to this day. The marketing strategies will become more integrated and more innovative that could bring in more approaches and ways that could be used in mid-1990s and beyond. The marketing programs will change for the better.

This means that marketing programs will be more of requirement rather than a vision. This means that tabletop sweetener companies will continue to evolve, transform and grow not just on branding areas and sales expansion, but in other areas of marketing as well like for instance, marketing communication, research and interactive development through the help of the information technology and the internet.

4. If Nutra Sweet wanted to expand sales dramatically to new overseas markets, which of its two tabletop sweeteners should receive priority?

Now, if Nutra Sweet wanted to expand sales dramatically to new overseas markets, I think their Nutra Sweet Spoonful should receive much priority. This is because the world today is in constant change and people nowadays are more curious as well as conscious about their health as well as physical well-being. This means that they are conscious about what they’re eating every day like sports enthusiasts and athletes. In this assumption, Nutra Sweet Spoonful will serve as a perfect tabletop sweetener for those people who’re living in active but careful lifestyle. This means a clean living lifestyle.

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