Cultures Essay Topics


Eurocentrism can be defined as the idea that the Roman and Greek cultures gave rise to the modern explosion of ideas and learning. Within this idea is contained the notion that the origins of Greek culture lie strictly within the borders of what is currently considered Western Europe, making the ancestors of Western Europeans responsible… View Article

The Interpretation of Cultures

Geertz writes about the important role of thoughts and symbols in society. He believes that actions are guides by symbols. Culture, to Geertz is a system of conceptions that are inherited and then expressed. He describes expression as symbols. Symbols are the way people communicate and express their thoughts and beliefs. This communication then perpetuates… View Article

Syncretism in America, Africa, India, and China

Syncretism as defined by Merriam-Webster is the combination of different forms of belief or practice or the fusion of two or more originally different inflectional forms. Simplified this means two cultures combine thoughts and beliefs into its own “new form” of an old belief. The difference in the syncretism of the America and Africa and… View Article

Cultures in the World

To define culture is not easy because culture means different things to different people. Hence there many definitions of culture as there are many different cultures in the World. Anthropologists define culture as social behaviour of human beings. To others dance, music, theatre, artifacts and fashion constitute culture. On the other hand, fashion is a… View Article

Cultures Research Assignment

As requested, here is the research assignment describing the culture of Mexico, Japan, and Kenya. This assignment will help guide you in understanding the basic communication styles, business etiquettes, and conflict management styles within their corresponding countries. Sincerely, Christian, Candace, and Fabiola Mexico As you travel to Mexico, there are a few tips you should… View Article

Intellectual Auto Biography

Unlike many of my colleagues or others who have majored in history before, my intellectual background has been influenced by two major cultures in the world. As a twenty three years old student living in America but originally from Japan, the foundation of my intellectual being was shaped by the Japanese culture and education since… View Article

How have cultures from the ‘west’ been represented in the ‘east’

Fundamentally the term culture means to cultivate but on other hand this word also contains some other meanings and definitions as well. Number of writers and author worked and surveyed on the actual definition of culture and in year 1952 Alfred Kroeber and Clyde has presented approximately 164 defamations of this word “culture”. If we… View Article

Moral Reasoning across Cultures

Moral reasoning involves an active critical thinking process that evaluates reasons for ethical beliefs (Sunar, 2002). Sometimes individuals may be skeptic about issues related to morality. However, these same people seek to relate their moral opinions with tangible reasons. By doing this, they try to prove the issues that encompass ethics but often end up… View Article

Managing Rapport through talk across Cultures

Spencer-Oatey certainly does not neglect the concept of culture in her book, the second component of the rather lengthy title, though she concedes that ‘culture’ is ‘notoriously difficult to define’ (Spencer-Oatey, 1). In support of this, she cites several authors have noted that “…despite a century of efforts to define culture adequately, there was in… View Article

Understanding Cross-Cultures: U.S. vs. China

With the latest innovation and technology, people around the world are interconnected. In just a click away, everything seems easy to access. Communication is within one’s reach. Nations globally share knowledge and information. Building relationships and stronger ties among states of different backgrounds is possible as countries learn the basic cultures of their partner nations…. View Article

Comparing and Contrasting two Distinct Cultures

Culture is a unique attribute of human beings that demarcate people over world on basis of their customs, beliefs, ideas, morals, characteristics, knowledge and set of values. Culture has been the greatest determinant of progress of civilization, binding the separate, isolated groups of individuals in form of societies founded on certain common principles while retaining… View Article

Aegean, Roman, and Greek Cultures

Aegean civilization flourished during the Bronze Age in Greece and the so-called Aegean Age. Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations were among those civilizations in the Aegean that has made its zenith during this era. Minoan civilization developed on the mountainous areas of Crete. Crete naturally possessed a wide-range of harbors which made it possible for the… View Article

Cultures of the new world

The new world that was referred to is world the Europeans discovered that was untouched by their civilization during there exploration ages and what is going to be discussed is how it all began, how they did it, when they did it and how it affected the new world in general. What was the situation… View Article

Cultures of the new world

When the New World was discovered, Native American peoples had spread throughout North and South America. Often they were hunter/gatherers, but they had established various civilizations. The Europeans considered themselves far superior to these natives, and European arrival invariably led to native peoples being subjected to European rule. The Europeans brought superior weapons such as… View Article

Cultures in Conflict

The pleadings of the Duncc-za and Cree Indians on a fiduciary claim on January 12th 1987, which is known as “Aspassin versus the Queen”, basically evolved from Robin Riddington’s (1988) case presentation. In this regard, the article, Cultures in Conflict: the Problem of Discourse, laid down the question as to whether the court should resolve… View Article

Cultures in apa style

As businesses become global, limitations between cultures and environments crumbled little by little. However, within the vastly developing globalization, business observers discovered many ‘unpredictable’ phenomena. These phenomena come to the scope of observation, only after globalization is widely accepted by firms all over the world. One of these phenomena is the success of corporations from… View Article