Culture Essay Topics

Art and Culture

Art and culture are two terms which can never be separated and are deeply interlinked. Art refers to the quality, creation, appearance, or realm, based on aesthetics of what is beautiful, appealing, or is completely out of the ordinary. Art has many facets like theatre, paintings, music and other kinds of visual and abstract art…. View Article

History and Culture

Too long the country has been deprived of its national pride and independence. By 1911-1912, the foreigners were everywhere. The best way was to use them as sponsors for our changes, and let them call me “a dictator [corrupt and … brutal] surrounding himself as soon as’ he could with some of the most despicable… View Article

Influence on Culture

Surely, not all upper middle class professionals in their late twenties or early thirties shared the same values or ideals. The media, however, used to popularize a certain image of the yuppie with features that became stereotypical and reflected, at least in the journalists’ opinion, the dominant trends in this environment. The yuppie was used… View Article

Who Was Right about Popular Culture

Popular culture or Pop Culture is the in thing today. Many people are up to it especially the youths. It emerged from different fields, from the latest fashion, latest gadgets, and latest celebrities – may it be actors or actresses or singers, latest movies, latest computer games, latest music, latest arts, to the latest party… View Article

Roman Empire Culture

Wikipedia’s entry on the “Fall of the Roman Empire” is a comprehensive and multifaceted survey of the scholarship which seeks to indicate a certain period or event or series of events which caused the “fall” of the Roman Empire. One of the main differences between the Wikipedia entry and a “traditional” encyclopedia entry is the… View Article

Conflict and culture

Conflict is an integral part of human culture. When a number of people of interact with their own individual perspectives, view points, ideologies, cultural and social backgrounds and intellectual development then differences and debates are bound to arise as a logical and inevitable consequence of the interaction (Killian and Pammer Jr. 2003, 3). These differences,… View Article

Intercultural aspect of culture

During the first day of the workshop, I did not completely understand the real meaning of culture. I did not even have a single definition for the term culture. Many questions came into my mind such as, “What is culture? What are the factors that create culture? What is the scope of culture? Does culture… View Article

Sufism & Its Effects On Islamic Culture

“Sufism is the journey and the realization of truth, and a Sufi, is the seeker of truth“ (Janghda, 144). Therefore, in order to understand the lives of Sufis and their contribution to Islam, one must first comprehend the meaning of Sufism. “Sufism is the spiritual practice by which one can achieve ultimate spiritual gratification. The… View Article

American Mania: When More Is Not Enough

INTRODUCTION It takes immense courage to question something that has been so firmly etched into one’s mind or something that everyone accepts as normal, it also takes great insight to be able to see past the monotony and mundane details of life and observe something that is greatly and equally affecting a nation. Mr. Whybrow… View Article

Cultural Relativism: A Way of Life

“If you are my baby, it don’t matter if you’re black or white.” These words reverberate in my mind as I heard the news about Michael Jackson’s death. His song, Black or White is one of my favorites because it talks about a father’s acceptance of his child despite the baby’s color. Later, when I… View Article

The characteristics of American culture

The short, but rich on events history of the United States of America made a deep impact on the modern American society. The country with only some three hundred years of official history is now the world’s leader in industry, finance and, what is more important, is a leader in standards of living. The American… View Article

Hw assignment revised

Culture includes everything about a particular group’s way of life; from high art to the most ordinary behavior (what we eat for breakfast, for example). It is defined as the manner of life for a whole society and the sum of socially transmitted behavioral patterns and can be classified into values, norms, institutions and artifacts…. View Article

Echoes of Heaven Analysis

With the state of the modern world being what it is, sometimes it can be very difficult for even strong believers to hold on to their faith absolutely.  There are so many questions that need answering and it can all seem so overwhelming.  There are, however, solutions and there are respites one can find in… View Article

Echoes of Heaven

The world today seems to be going further and further from Christian Values. Denominations are arising against each other time after time. We no longer hear the proper preaching of the gospel because preachers prepare their sessions to suit the audience and therefore a lot of truth is left uncovered. A Christian who performs and… View Article

On Arabian Culture

The literature on social diversity and cleavages in Arab society and the Middle East as a whole suffers from several fallacies, two of which are most pertinent here. One is the tendency, particularly among Orientalists, to speak both of the mosaic nature of Arab society and of the existence of a unified mentality, or one… View Article