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Culture Shock Essay Examples

Essay on Culture Shock

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Culture Shock

Having been raised in a traditional Mexican family, I thought that growing up I had a good understanding about the Mexican culture and families. However, I was seriously mistaken upon returning to Mexico for a family vacation. I was expecting to go across the border and experience things similar to what we have in the States, but that was not the case. The experience is completely different and charmingly appealing. The infrastructure is nothing compered to what we have here,…...

Essay about Culture Shock

Culture shock is the personal disorientation a person may feel when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life due to immigration or a visit to a new country or to a move between social environments also a simple travel to another type of life. One of the most common causes of culture shock involves individuals in a foreign environment. Culture shock can be described as consisting of at least one of five distinct phases: Honeymoon, Negotiation, Adjustment, Mastery and Independence, are…...

Culture Shock Among International Students

There are certain individuals that cannot adopt the environment in an instant. One good example is when an individual entered a new environment, thinking that he can cope with someone’s culture immediately. Methods of handling Culture Shock vary cross-culturally, all people make up with the situation and build their identity differently. Factors such as general behaviour, motivation to acclimatize, skills in language, fellow and host nationals support, the distance in cultural facet of two cultures involved and mainly familiarity made…...

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Culture Shock in Japan

Culture is a condition of confusion and anxiety affecting a person suddenly exposed to an alien culture or milieu. There are many different ways to experience culture shock. It can be experienced across the world or as near as one's backyard. Many Americans would venture that they consider themselves very culturally accepting. Often, when these same Americans travel abroad, they experience culture shock. It is not always a negative thing. Often to some American coming to Japan and adjusting to…...

The Documentary "God Grew Tired of Us"

I believe culture is the web of relationships, traditions, customs, and daily way of life for a group or community. The documentary God Grew Tired of Us really showed me parts of American culture I had never thought about before. We, as a whole, are very antisocial and our relationships with others can be quite shallow. If we see distress or situations we find uncomfortable we ignore them. The bonds that unite many cultures seem stronger when compared to their…...

Main Causes of Culture Shock

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is not an easy step to take, not to mention stepping into a foreign land. Culture shock is one of the very common problems many face, especially when travelling abroad. For the purpose of this essay, the term “culture shock” refers to the unfamiliar feeling of a new atmosphere when in another country. It also refers to the ability to adapt experience and accept another country’s culture. The main reasons of culture shock are…...

Culture Shock: Causes and Effects

In the business industry the importance of expanding the business internationally is progressively growing. One industry which is constantly expanding its presence in international market is telecommunication industry. Telecommunication plays an increasingly important role in the world economy and as the global telecommunication industry. Due to increasing new market access and large number of global mergers and acquisitions within telecommunication industry larger number of managers and employees are becoming an expatriate working and living abroad. Therefore it is extremely vital…...

The Chavin: History and Culture

Chavin was an ancient South American civilization that thrived in the area that is modern day Peru. The civilization had a unique culture that flourished around the time of 900 BCE to 200 BCE and is one of the earliest known South American cultures. Religion was a big influencer in Chavin culture and helped to establish a universal Andean belief system. Art also played a large role in Chavin culture and was an influencer in later South American cultures like…...

The Paracas: History and Culture

The Paracas culture is a very different culture. The Paracas culture was between seven hundren seventy BCE and one hundred CTE. They were located in the Paracas district in the Ica region. In this research paper you will learn about the achievements, art, history, religion, and the decline of the Paracas culture. The Paracas had many achievements, their knowledge of medicine was advanced, they did surgical operations to the brain. The Paracas culture are really known for their mummification. The…...

Intercultural Communication and Culture shock

Culture of each country, each region is very various and unique. As we face to a culture that we cannot relate to, it becomes very challenging. Feelings of anxiety, frustration and confusion can definitely arise. Culture shock affects intercultural communication when it is not recognized and dealt with effectively. International business, for example, this can be frustrating and confusing to someone who is working in internationally. For instance, if a businessman relocates from the UK to the US may assume…...

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