Culture Diversity of Ethnic Restaurants in Taiwan

Taiwan is a veritable paradise for food lovers. Even though Taiwan is fairly small, it offers a wide diversity of ethnic restaurants. This trend gives ideas to the restaurant operators for trying to diversify the food choices. Ethnic restaurant is one of the ways that the restaurant operators are trying to capture their customers’ attention. The feature of the ethnic restaurant is that they create something new without leaving their hometown. There are three popular types of ethnic restaurant in Taiwan, including Japanese restaurant, American restaurant and French restaurant.

The first type of ethnic restaurant is Japanese restaurant. There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Taiwan. Hundreds of different fish and seafood are used in the Japanese cuisine because Japan is a country surrounded by the ocean. Owing to that, sashimi is the most famous Japanese dish, which is thinly sliced and is served raw in the Japanese cuisine. The other popular cuisine is sushi, which is containing rice that has been mixed with sushi vinegar.

It is very convenient for eating out.

For instance, my mom prepared sushi for me when I had outdoor teaching in elementary school. Moreover, Japanese food is lighter than others so it is suitable for family dinner. The second type of ethnic restaurant is American restaurant. It is a causal dining can offer moderately price. This is one of the largest markets in the Taiwan right now. American restaurant is always offering a large amount of drinks, French fries, fried chicken and hamburgers. It also offers a huge selection of Mexican cuisine such like burritos.

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It would be a good place to celebrate or held a party with friends. The third type of ethnic restaurant is French restaurant. We may be likely to visit, especially on an important day is a fine dining restaurant. French restaurant is a much more upscale restaurant, one that offers diners an elegant atmosphere with high quality service. The chefs in there are usually professionally trained, and the food is expensive, but worth it. For example, foie gras is a well-known part of French gastronomy. It is made from the liver of a goose.

So why not treat ourselves one day and visit a place like this. Due to Taiwan is a multi-culture country, it has a various types of ethnic restaurants. I think that eating out is becoming more than just satisfying our hunger, rather it has become the way which makes us try something different. In my opinion, having a romantic dinner with lovers in French restaurant is good choice. If there an important meeting with boss, choosing a Japanese restaurant is better. Therefore, we choose different restaurants as we meet different situation.

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