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Essay on Culture

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Pocahontas Term Paper

One could argue that Pocahontas was created to depict a peaceful transfer of lands from the Native Americans to the European colonists through mutual agreement, an example of how inaccuracies about the true occurrence still persist today. Disney attempted to develop a film that introduced the history of Native Americans and the New World to young children through a simplistic story with a happy e...

Japan CCOT - History

Restoration, the emperor wanted to maintain this uniting factor so he established a Shinto-oriented state. Shinto teachers would advocate kokutai ideology to children. This resulted in a rise of nationalism. IN 1853, when Japan opened their ports, they ended isolationism. The end of isolationism imported several Western ideas, however the Japanese did not use this as a weakness. Instead they integ...

Female Genital Mutilation

Culture and the preservation of cultural identity serve as the underlying impetus for continuing the practice. Many women will be social pariahs if they don’t go through the ritual. They cannot attend any public outing or funeral. If they children, they too will be outcast. Some of those who support female genital mutilation also justify it on grounds of hygiene and aesthetics, with notions that...

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Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away and Japaneseness

My understanding of Japaneseness is the nationalistic and traditional points of view showcased throughout Spirited Away. The idea that spirits are all around you, and encompass nature. The importance of family above all else, the emphasis on self-responsibility, and so-on. Japaneseness is not one single thing, but a compilation of many things. It is to fully take in all aspects of being Japanese....

The Broken Spears Book Review

Both texts play their role in explaining the overthrowing of the Aztec empire, but Traditions & encounters fails to mention the events that lead up to the Spaniards arrival. The omens concluded in the broken spears gives you a feeling of what the natives believed and felt about the Spaniards when they arrived. Though Traditions & encounters also omits vivid details about the wars that went...

Durga Puja Gatherings of India

The main days of Durga Puja are seventh, eight, ninth and the tenth day. The festival picks up pace on the sixth day - Maha Shashti. The long and details rituals of the Puja start on the seventh day. An expert priest is called upon to chant mantras, shlokas and perform aarti and offerings at the Puja pandal. Apart from the rituals, cultural activities such as song and dance competitions and games ...

Hip-Hop and R&B

​Music is one factor possessing the ability of creation through countless amount of ways. A slight noise could trigger my instinct to create a melodic beat from it, and sing random lyrics. This effect is not only the case with me, but many musical geniuses existing today or previously. Music serves as a stress-reliever, escape etc. so it ultimately affects the production of a song. It is these c...

Introduction to ambahan

The Ratagnon live in the southernmost part of the municipality of Magsaysay in Occidental Mindoro. Their language is similar to the Visayan Cuyunon language, spoken by the inhabitants of Cuyo Island in Northern Palawan. The Ratagnon women wear a wrap-around cotton cloth from the waistline to the knees and some of the males still wear the traditional g-string. The women's breast covering is made of...

Givers versus Takers

The approach to a giver's success is determined over a long period of time. The results of the strategies are not immediate; however, it has a long-term repercussion in the company development. In contrast to givers, takers may achieve success, but it is likely to be short-lived and not rooted in meaningful or equitable relationships (Stanger, 2013, para. 4). In fact, the patterns of success based...

White Paper on Goverrnment Nepotism in the Philippines

Although nepotism is prohibited by government regulations, because it is not democratic and results in an uneven practice that blocks opportunity for others and depriving positive changes in the country , yet, the practice is still culturally acceped and even expected. The author believes that through exercising the above recommendations, cases of nepotism could be decreased. Also, the author beli...

History and Culture of The Xia Dynasty

The children's village had been honored this year as the meeting village. It would be a horrible time for the sky to fall down. The village would be disgraced! Off the children ran to pick up the pieces. But some were missing! "Loawnu!" cried the children, as they tore up the hill, breathing heavily. Loawnu only smiled. The next day, the children ran outside and looked up. The sky looked as it alw...

Information About Culture of Cordillera Autonomous Region

The Bagobo tribe has an epic hero named Tuwaang or Tatuwang. He was a brave and strong warrior with various powers. The story of Tuwaang speaks of his journey to the land of Pinanggayungan while traveling by riding a lightning bolt. Here he meets the maiden of the Buhong Sky who is running way from Pangumanon, a very strong giant. Tuwaang and the giant fight but it is an even match. The giant chea...

Types of Infrastructure

There are less similar systems in hard infrastructure that are usually unnoticed like earth monitoring and measurement networks but serve important daily role's in everyone's life. When everything is running smoothly, we don't notice how much we need it. However, unusual disruptions such as blackouts or terrorist attacks abruptly remind us of how dependent we all are on these systems when suddenly...

Not Melting Pot but Salad Bowl For Culture

In my opinion today American is not a melting pot; America was once called a melting pot but now is a salad bowl. First of all America is a salad bowl because people today are able to practice their own culture. On the other hand the melting pot doesn’t allow this because all the cultures blend in to from one culture. The salad bowl allows people to retain their original cultures and traditions ...

Kalinagos Culture and Social Organisation

The Carib women wore bracelets (known as "rassada") and necklaces made out of amber, shell, agouti teeth, seeds and coral. The men sometimes wore necklces known as "caracoli" and were made of their enemies teeth by wearing this they showed their courage. Their lips were bore and fish bones were placed in them. They also wore small idols around their necks called ...

People of different cultures - Mayana Leaves

This plant is also commonly used as an ornamental plant due to its purple foliage. Mayana can grow in different habitats. It is one of the traditionally used folklore medicine and it is primarily used for pain, sore, swelling and cuts and other instances as adjunct medication for delayed menstruation. A chemist from the University of the Philippines isolated sterols and triterpenes from leaves of ...

Lessons to Sick Leave

The discussion should conclude with a good summary about Japanese and North American negotiation styles and culture. When negotiating in Japan it is often important to give in for the sake of peace and harmony, or relationships may be harmed beyond repair. Deciding how to negotiate cross-culturally remains a challenge for every negotiator that negotiates across a border. One of the best pieces dis...

A poem Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara

Piano and Drums is a poem which basically themed and created by two different and opposing culture in the poem, the piano culture and drums culture which suggested by the poet whenThe culture of drums is straight forward, and direct, and this just like the world and culture in the ancient years which before civilization. People do not hide their real selves, showing and communicate without pretend...

Ccot Rome 100-600 C.E.

Rome was so massive that under one ruler, it was impossible to make everyone happy, which led to dividing the empire. Because of economic and leadership issues, Germanic tribes tried to take over the land to the east and west. Rome had to split its force to fight them, ultimately adding to the chaos that divided the empire. Women’s right had remained constant throughout the time period. Unlike i...

Filipinos Then, Filipinos Now

Unlike Filipino youth then were respectful and God-fearing. Thus, Filipino youth then have good moral attitude than Filipino youth now. We are forgetting our objective, the aim which our ancestors have passed unto us, which was to protect and fight for what is good for our country. We cannot achieve this goal if we keep on doing these things. It seems that in the present times, the definition of ...

Bal Gangadhar Tilak

In fighting for people’s cause, twice he was sentenced to imprisonment. He launched Swadeshi Movement and believed that ‘Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it’. This quote inspired millions of Indians to join the freedom struggle. With the goal of Swaraj, he also built ‘Home Rule League’. Tilak constantly traveled across the country to inspire and convince people to believe in Swa...

Cultural Differences Between Korea and US

United States communication styles include the offer of a firm handshake, lasting any where from 3-5 seconds, upon greeting and leaving. It is customary to maintain good eye contact during the handshake. If you are meeting several people at once, maintain eye contact with the person you are shaking hands with, until you are moving on to the next person. Eye contact is very important during busines...

Affect the Communication Process

We engage in human communication every day and it is important to understand how different factors affect the communication process. We need to understand them so that our messages are sent and received with a clear understanding. As humans in an age of such technological advancement, we are faced with the task of communicating with people from different backgrounds and understand this phenomenon...

Individualism Issues in Short Story Blue Against White

Lena does not want to be different anymore. She decides to go to the city and there she goes to school. Hoping for a new life and no more standing out, Lena easily gets disappointed. She learns that even if you move to a place with a higher population, you can still be alone. After coming to terms with herself and realizing that the city is not what she expected, Lena goes back to the reserve. She...

Popol Vuh in Maya Mythology

Every culture has their differences and similarities, how they believe people came about varies from culture to culture. Most people agree on the basic concept of their creation some one or something big was involved. Everyone has their own beliefs and ideas, however the fascination with other cultures has always left us pondering. That is why we explore the unknown, in order to better comprehend ...

The Contrast of French and Spanish Missionaries

"Perhaps maybe the question lies in the area of faith?"To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for, to be certain of the things we cannot see. It was by their faith that people of ancient times won God's approval." (Hebrews 11:1-2 Bible (15th-16th century), (First known English translation from the Latin) who are they to question the other culture and religion as none civilized? After al...

"Windflower" by Gabrielle Roy

To conclude, the free flowing pace of the Koksoak village represented the liberty of the Eskimo way of life and the imprisonment of a playpen represented the materialism of the white culture. This confinement was introduced in Elsa's life in several ways and created a negative change in herself and her connection to the world. In her attempt to find a middle point for the two cultures, she risked ...

Enchantress from the Stars Book Review

As a person that has grown up in a country that is only 225 years old, it is easy to identify with the problem of clashing cultures. The United States was settled on the land that was already inhabited by other civilized people. When colonists first came to this continent, they were dependent on the Indians to help them. Then after the colonists started to grow they needed more space. The colonist...

Spider Eaters a Historical Document About China

In Spider Eater, we could also see how Yang's enthusiasm for revolution and devotion to the new China ended after endless physical labor. Nevertheless, we may raise the question of how relevant Yang's story is. Is it a typical Chinese people's life? How many Chinese people were born in a family of revolutionary cadre and had chance to live in Switzerland during the fifties? How many Red Guard had ...

The Mayans, The Aztecs, And The Incas Civilizations

In conclusion, these three civilizations were the most sophisticated in all of the Americas at the time. The Mayans were excellent astronomers and mathematicians, the Aztecs were experienced warriors, and the Incas were skilled engineers. Even though all of the empires had different strengths, they all had some similar qualities. They all built stone buildings, with the Mayans and Aztecs and their...

Analysis on Materialism and Pink Flamingo

Jennifer Price allegorized the fascination of the plastic flamingo in order to establish a sort of comparison between obsession with purchasing plastic flamingos that symbolize wealth and the materialism evident in American culture. Although the essay mostly depicts American society as insensitive and inconsiderate according to the author's tone, the satirical nature of the essay provides a subtle...

Comparing and Contrasting Cultures of Cambodians and Filipinos

Within the Asian country lie many cultures, beliefs, religions and much more. Cambodians are very superstitious and believe in mostly Buddhism. Filipinos are also very superstitious but have different folktales and most Filipinos are Christian, Catholic, or some other type of religion. Both countries also have a lot of similarities in their cultures; they both respect their elders and take respect...

"Double Face" analysis from :The Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan

In summary, this section hints at the difficulties caused by a lack of understanding between Lindo and Waverly, as well as the difference in cultures, as both struggle to relate to each other through mixed messages and foreign customs, only to add to their confusion, propelling the two endlessly in the same cycle. Due to these differences, Lindo and Waverly fail to understand each other's true i...

Holfstede’s Cultural Constraints

French people, on the other hand, do not have the notion of managers as Americans know of them. Rather, French workers think of one another as cadres, cadres being a social class obtained by learning at the proper schools and a social class maintained for a lifetime. Another case is that of Holland where the practice of managing people rests on the need for a consensus among all the involved indiv...

A Taste of Lebanon

Dinner in Lebanon is served earlier. It usually starts with an appetizer, such as namprik phao (Red Curry Paste). It is followed by a selection of dishes consisting of fish, meat and chicken with rice and a light soup. Other than these foods, coffee is also an important part of the cuisine. It is served usually after every meal, whether at home or in restaurants. It can be partnered with a fresh f...

Cultural Immersion

Despite their limited resources, Jamaicans are able to make the most of what they have and keep a positive outlook. For instance, some African Americans to this day hold a grudge against Caucasian Americans for the prejudice, racism and oppression the older generations have experienced since the time of the slave trade. While Jamaicans had also experienced the same oppressive treatment in the hand...

We Need Cultural Enrichment

Those kinds of paintings are the ones that entertain the naked eye without much thought provocation. Those paintings are the ones that caught my eye because it is relaxing and entertaining to look at them. At the end of the day, I just hope that more would learn to appreciate the beauty of art rather than be overly absorbed from school or from work. They should see that art is relaxing to the soul...

Cross Cultural Understanding

As a social worker, even though I believe that sex should only be done after marriage and done in full fidelity to your partner, if I really wanted to help Lucas, I would not deliver this judgment just because of my own cultural Mormon perspective but rather understand it from his point of view and realized that health, among others, must trump the cards from the perspective of my duty as a social...

Amy Tan's Mother Tongue

The doctor despised her when she was complaining them about losing her scan result. It was not until Amy Tan talked to the doctor that they apologized and cared to solve the problem. Amy was fill with anger when she wrote “…and apologies for any suffering my mother had gone through for a most regrettable mistake. ” Amy is insisting that people not taking a person seriously because their “b...

Heritage Assessment Tool

Cultures are unique for their habits, traditions, practices and beliefs. Health is a mainstream for all individuals, families and groups to ensure a progression and effective lifestyle is obtained. No matter how health is viewed or practiced it is entailed of a physical, mental, and spiritual makeup that requires attention. How that attention is given is decided by the culture and the people of th...

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