Cultural Values and Artworks

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Throughout the centuries, animals have appeared in works of art, the definition of cultural values which means the basic beliefs and expectations within which a community exists are cultural values. This consists of several parts: customs and practices, ideals that are convictions and community that are the guiding principles of a nation.

My first cultural artwork is in the Morden world in 1420 AD which the artist was not known due to the reason of lost in time, the Chinese Ming Era also known as the ‘Guardian Lions’ which is located in the forbidden city in China and was made in the 1420 AD, the artist is unknown because it was lost in time.

And my other cultural artwork is named Fruit Bats which was in the Morden world in 1991 by an artist named Lin Onus and is located in the art gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

The Chinse Ming Era (Guardian Lions) cultural values are the theme arose became famous with China’s Buddhism and included a pair of stylised lions, sometimes a male lion with a ball and a female lion with a cub, intended to protect the structure from evil spirits and threatening people.

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Cultural Values and Artworks

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