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Cultural Theory Essay

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Culture is an essential component for human development. Culture cannot be evaded from and its implications are of importance to the human life. In this study, I shall address the aspects of culture as presented in sculptures. A distinct sculpture will be identified and well analyzed in respect to its cultural impact to the entire human life growth and development. It will involve the contribution the cultural entities have and how culture is perceived by man. The impact of cultural change in line with the sculpture will be addressed.

In this case, the sculpture in limelight was done back in 1927 and it represents a figure of a floating woman. This is an indication of the cultural aspect of gender and male chauvinism. It was assessed and described on the basis of its nature, cultural values and the overall importance. Gender sensitivity has been on the light in the current society and the sculpture assisted in analyzing the context today. In order to conceptualize this concept, let analyze the sculpture of a floating woman by Gaston Lachaise in 1927.

Consider the sculpture below: Source: NGA, 2013

In regards to this sculpture, the cultural theory indicated that the issue of gender sensitivity is of much age in the society. Male chauvinism and the act of feminism have dominated the social life. As depicted in the above sculpture, the female gender had been of intimidation and not usually accorded the desired respect as social being. Exposing the female body in this sculpture shows how culture had being portraying women as the ‘object’ deserved only to perform only feminist roles assigned by the society. Essentially, this sculpture has been used in this study to depict the cultural aspects of gender disparity.

The culture of the society entails artistic forms and practices and thus, the sculpture has been modeled in order to expose a cultural practice in the society. The beliefs and values that prevail in society are well represented. The culture theory represents the practices and roles of people within the society (Anderson, 2008, p. Xv). The cultural theory as Johnson (2009) surfaced from the mounting identification of the “ideological underpinnings of putative scholarly ‘objectivity’” (p. 1). The introduction of the cultural theory was necessitated by a massive swing which shifted the idea of culture in the society.

The study seeks to unravel and explain why the society is conflicting over the entire risk coupled. In congruence with the sculpture, changes that have occurred to sculpture and indication that the aspects of gender and cultural values have also changed from the former tradition approach to the current modernization approach. Essentially, the culture existent in the society in which this sculpture was modeled values the different aspects which have been addressed in cultural theory specifically the aspects of gender and esthetics.

The sculpture is depictive of the female gender as being more passive in the society in performing the most essentials roles in the society. This forms the basis of the beliefs that people in the society have regarding the gender are part of the culture of the society (Anderson, 2008, p. Xvi). Culture theory as from the evolution of the feminist and muted group theory have been shaping the ideas that women should be gazed no less than their male counterpart (Johnson 2009, p. 2).

The beliefs that people have about the female gender are well depicted by the pose figured by the sculpture which gender as a mitigating aspect of culture. Culture theory thus outlines the specific aspects that prevail in the society. They may include gender, sexual harassment, discrimination, inferiority, and sexual torture. Although there is notable changes which have occurred in the sculpture since 1927, for example the texture as the current sculpture is more smooth (Karen 2007, p. 25), the main core purpose of the sculpture has not changed yet.

There is still gender disparity and inequality in the sculpture. The changes might have occurred on the equipment and materials used in the making of the current sculpture, but the aspect of male dominance and chauvinism is still the order of the sculpture. The sculpture has being portraying some conceptualization which range from the time this sculpture was developed. Presently, the sculpture presents females as passive members of the society who are not supposed to contribute in the growth and development of the society and deserve to be doomed by the males.

In this aspect, it is regarded that a male gender must be the one responsible for the major family chores and responsibilities (Karen 2007, p. 30). Leadership and economic power are majorly linked with the male gender as the female gender is considered more family and house like person. As Goodenough said, “a society’s culture consists of whatever it is one has to know or believe in order to operate in a manner acceptable to its members. Culture is not a material phenomenon; it does not consist of things, people, behavior, or emotions. It is rather an organization of these things.

It is the form of things that people have in mind, their models for perceiving, relating, and otherwise interpreting them (1957, p. 167). The cultural theory is of much significance in this sculpture. People were culturally identified based on the importance they attach to certain roles. Through culture people attaches meanings thus causing cultural conflict. For instance, chauvinism was highly upheld in most communities across the globe. Feminism was regarded in its appropriateness. Both female and males attached similar importance to the notions that developed in the minds of the people (Karen, 2007, p. 5).

Exposing the female body is culturally and traditionally perceived as a gender inequality and an act of feminism. In addition, the cultural aspects should be perceived as the structural system which is constructed in the minds of the people and has a sweeping effect (Keesing 1974, p. 78). The sculpture has being the perception of many as the indication of gender inequality and a humiliation to the female gender. To summarize, sculptures have significant roles in enhancing cultural aspects and values in the society.

They communicate distinct messages across the members of the society. Currently, the roles that the female gender could not play decades back have been shared between the two genders. Thus, sculptures themselves are also currently changing in the light they are depicting both gender sharing the core roles which might only be seen as manly there before. There is cultural mix and with the evolution of much gender based theories the perception and the roles perceived to be feminist are eroding. As changes have been witnessed in the current ‘floating woman’ sculpture, it is in line ith the current cultural change as culture is dynamic. Things which were previously viewed and adopted as being of certain gender only are gradually discarded. Gender-based conflicts are reducing sustainably with much campaign of gender equality and affirmation. The current society is composed of much enlightened individuals and groups who have enabled implementation of the cultural changes that have occurred over time, thus making culture an entity of human social life and one cannot say that he/she does not feel the impact of culture.

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