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Essay on Cultural Relativism

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A Defense Of Ethical Relativism

In conclusion, I agree with Benedict argument of ethical relativism where she holds that people change their opinions and principles depending on the majority rule. I agree that morals vary with time, culture and environment. However, I do not agree that any practice is morally right or wrong depending on the majority. Benedict adds that the conception of the normal is accurately a variant of the ...

Ethics. Cultural relativism and Divine command theory

Even though deontology and utilitarianism are categorised as “ethics of conduct,” they differ in their ethical theory. Deontology indorses an action based on a moral law or code, while for utilitarianism an action that gives the best consequences or happiness to the action is right. Virtue ethics is categorised as “ethics of character” and it is focused on how people should be i...

Alexander Gavin’s Dilemma: Cultural Relativism and Business as Usual

a. The LG group has integrated its management style which influences its workers with harmony. Its methods which are borrowed from the U.S. would be the democratic approach to decision making and management. b. The LG group has started manufacturing in the U.S. to be able to avoid the protectionist rule which bars foreign products from entering from outside the country and also to gamble that they...

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Response to "The Challenge of Cultural Relativism" By Rachels

Here Rachels uses as argument the old belief that the earth was flat, which is wrong, to show that if you believe in something, it does not necessary has to be true. Furthermore, Rachels argues that some of the possible consequences of this theory are that we cannot criticize sadistic cultures. In this case, he uses the anti-Semitic example to claim that if cultural relativism establishes that it ...

Louis Pojman Short Summary

He states a variety of general ethical principles (ten, specifically, which may have a connection to the Ten Commandments or may just be a coincidence) that seem to be necessary to rid suffering, resolve conflict, and promote human flourishing. While reading Pojman’s statements on ethical relativism I asked myself where do we draw the line on deciding what is right and wrong. As a Christian it w...

Cultural Relativism

Since there is no universal truth, there is no reasoning why a certain society is better than another. If we all would realize this it could lead to people having more open minds. We then can see that maybe what we believe in isn't the right thing and that we only believe certain things because our culture tells us to. If we were born as an eskimo than we wouldn't see anything wrong with infantici...

Cultural relativism

Reference: Bao, X & Xiang, Y. (2006). Ethics and information digitalization: Digitalization and global ethics Journal. (8), 41-47. Brey, P. (2007). Global information ethics and the challenges of cultural relativism. New York: SAGE. David, Wong (2006). A defense of pluralistic relativism. New York: Oxford University Press. Kenneth, E. Goodpaster. (1981). Relativism in ethics. New York: HBS Cas...

Fish Out of Water

Communication is always the key, along with politeness and respect. Overcoming this particular feeling in events that may make you feel uncomfortable will provide a good opportunity to learn other cultures, traditions and practices that may be helpful for you in relating with people of the same cultural identity the next time you encounter them. It will also be a good opportunity to become knowled...

Ethnocentrism Definition

The message that is present within the advertisement is that wearing Air Jordans makes you ‘cooler’ than anyone else not wearing them. This can too be applied to any other name brand item such as cereal. General Mills has a message out there that you get more nutrients from their cereal over any brand. This may also be associated with religious and different ethnic groups when one believes tha...

Stakeholder analysis

Individual rights approach: The individual rights approach proposes that human beings have certain fundamental rights that should be respected in all decisions. Justice approach: The justice approach proposes that decision makers be equitable, fair, and impartial in the distribution of costs and benefits to individuals and groups. Question that can be asked when developing a code of ethics 1. Util...

Truth and Moral Propositions

I don’t think there are moral absolutes because to be absolute something must be complete and because different cultures have different views on what is moral there cannot be an absolute moral Moral propositions are propositions about morality or those that have moral import. They are different from other types of propositions because they cannot be known to be true or false because they are not...

Moral Relativism

This is an example of how different societies have different moral codes. Ruth states within her article how every society integrates itself with a chosen basis and disregards itself with behavior deemed uncongenial (Pojman). This means societies will choose their own moral standards and ethical codes and, disregard actions that do not lie within the boundaries of these moral standards and ethical...

Moral Relativism

To sum up moral relativism should be taken as a useful tool although it has many criticisms. I think it is a purely advantageous idea, and the criticisms come from extremists who take each and every proposition to its furthest practicality to make seem faulty. If we were able to overlook this small defects it is my strong belief, we would finally end the long lasting quest for an all-encompassing ...

Ruth Benedict: Ethics Are Relative

Normally as we would say, relative to our societies, that the son of the house would take care of the parents in their old age, whereas in Thailand it’s the daughter of the house that takes care of her parents all throughout her life. These incidents made me believe and lead to a conclusion that every culture is based on their own set of rules, and regulations which they prefer to follow and are...

Cultural Relativism

Cultural relativism is the principle that an individual human's beliefs and activities should be understood by others in terms of that individual's own culture. This principle was established as axiomatic inanthropological research by Franz Boas in the first few decades of the 20th century and later popularized by his students. Boas first articulated the idea in 1887: "...civilization is not somet...

Different Worlds, Same Stories

In some ways it makes them stronger; in some ways it makes them weaker. But we should never look down on another people because of the way their culture molded them. We should all have open minds and respect for diversity. People can judge very quickly, but it takes time to understand how a culture truly operates. Ethnocentrism, cultural universals, cultural particulars, and cultural relativism ar...

Concept of ethical relativism

Because ethical relativism support that every culture in the world is equal, we can protect our local culture from the aggression of western culture and hegemonism. Conclusion: Through the above analysis, although ethical relativism has certain limitation, but different society has different moral standards and moral beliefs, and every social moral belief are all deeply influence of the culture. E...

Cause and Effect of Sleep deprivation

Interactionism helps us understand that our mind plays a role in our how what our body does including why we eat or don’t eat what we eat. I love dogs, so I would vomit at the thought of eating one. However, once again this doesn’t mean I should hate someone that eats it as a dish at home. Being open and understanding can truly help because just as the conflict theory states that there is a po...

Humans develop their thinking about morality over years They do it

In conclusion, cultural relativism is a descriptive claim that ethical practices differ among cultures; that is, as a matter of fact, what is considered right in one culture may be considered wrong in another. While moral relativism, is the claim that what is right or wrong is what the culture says is acceptable or not. Moral relativists accept cultural relativism as true, but they claim much more...

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