Cultural practices that affect health Essay

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Cultural practices that affect health

To be able to gauge the prevalence of female circumcision, the perception of immigrants on its occurrence and benefits, as well as the actual activity that allows it to happen in these communities, an investigative research should be launched to gather information. Since many states have outlawed female circumcision, its occurrence has become an underground activity (Gibeau, 2006). To be able to fully understand the beliefs behind this practice and to determine how prevalent it is, and the circumstances by which it is conducted there is a need to find out where and who is involved in the practice of female circumcision in the United States.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the occurrence of female circumcision in the United States and to determine the following: (1) Who practices female circumcision and promotes its occurrence in the community? (2) Where is female circumcision conducted and in what conditions? (3) What is the attitude and opinion of immigrants and first generation Americans toward female circumcision within the migrant community? This study will focus on the occurrence of female circumcision within the migrant communities of African ethnic decent.

Because the goal is to determine how the cultural practices specific to an ethnic group has continued within the migrant community, the study sample will consist of immigrants and their offspring or first generation American-born individuals. The study will be conducted through a series of interviews. Interviewees will be chosen based with primary criteria being they are Africa-born individuals who have successfully migrated in the United States as adults, and continue to live with a family or plan remain to have a family in the United States.

Face-to-face interviews will be conducted with the assurance of anonymity for interviewees. A structured questionnaire will be created consisting of open ended questions relating to their views regarding female circumcision and their experience or witness of its occurrence. Reference List Gibeau, A. M. (2006). “Female genital mutilation: When a cultural practice generates clinical and ethical dilemmas. ” Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing 27(1). Blackwell Publishing.

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