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Immigrants to the United States

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (794 words)
Categories: Illegal Immigration In The US, Immigration, Society, Usa
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Since the immigrants first arrived from other countries to the United States, they were having a hard in the U. S. A. It is long, hard and painful. They thought they could have a better life in the U. S. A; the true is there was many problems are waiting for them. Because of immigrants usually don’t speak the dominate language of U. S. A, so the only jobs they could do is the lower class job with low paying.

So immigrants are having hard time to live in the U. S. A; But sine have more immigrants came to the U. S. A, they started live as a group which is the ethnic enclaves, because of the ethnic enclaves immigrant could speak their mother language and used their mother culture to live in there, and people who live in there still participate with the dominate culture, so they pay tax, talk to the immigration’s officers and many other things.

But people who are native American is so stupid to understand the true because they think immigrant are living in the ethnic enclaves and speak the language they don’t speak, so immigrants didn’t participate at all, but the true is not like that and they are wrong.

Immigrant believe in the preservation of one’s heritage still able to do the participation in the dominant culture protect the culture from one’s and understand the formation of ethnic enclave, and let them participate in the dominant culture. The preservation of one’s heritage and participation in the dominant culture. Living in the country, participation is very important because “unable to participate in the normal associational affine of the community, the Irish felt obliged to erect a society within satiety, to act together in their own way. So participation is very important, before we participate with other people who spoke with difference language, we need to try to speak the same language as him first.

So “the immigrant has been learning to speak English as the language of general communication, and has participated in the over-all economic and poetical life of the nation”, but some people still thinking immigrant doesn’t participate with other people because ‘the chino hills city council heard an outcry form a small group of residents, including one who wrote that he didn’t want to see “little china towns all over the hills filled with Asian signs he can’t read.

But the true is not every Asian can speak English, he cannot speak English doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to participate with the domination culture, like people who speak English they would like to participate more with you in person, like “22 stores thought California. Inside the store, tsao said customers could expect clean a sales, sign in English and Chinese, as well as bilihual employees. ” Which means immigrant love to participation with the dominant culture ;also, they want to save and protect their heritage’s culture.

The formation of ethnic enclave is living the in a country which has different people from different places and countries. They found their people to living in the same place and speaking their mother language in the area. Like “Rather he was impressed by the way I am which the varies ethnic groups in American were comincicelt with particulate and reigns, and with the tendency for each group to preterits own language religion, communal institution, and ancestral culture.

So if we want to fix this problem Angelo needs to understand the culture of that country so that we can have participation each other, so they could understand the how is people doing when they are living in the ethnic enclaves. The people “created ethnic enclaves and looked form ward to the preservation of at least some of their native cultural patterns. People want to keep their culture and won’t be lose in their child so most parents will send them to school, like “every day at 5 PM instead of play with our fourth and fifth grade friends, or sneaking out to the empty lot to hunt ghosts and animal bones, my brother and had to go to Chinese school. ” But some people who born in the U. S. A wants out of this ethnic enclave, and hates their own culture.

Like “he would stop her in mid-sentence “say it again, mom say it right” when he tripped over his own though, he’d blame it on her see, mom, it’s all your fault. You set a bad example. ” But doesn’t speak perfect English is not immigrant fault in least the try to speak the language is from the dominant culture, but the people from the dominant culture didn’t try to understand them and laugh at them. So we need to understand them and respect their ethnic enclave.

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