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Cultural Influences in Children Essay

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The negative influences for video games: children are always playing it or wanting to play their xbox, wii or playstation, not wanting to go to school. Children will want to be on the game for several hours or all day. Children or adults can have seizures from the movement of all the changing lights and from the lights flashing especially in the dark. Children can have nightmares from playing a game called Call of Duty it has a zombies part. Children can also shoot zombies and people with guns and might act this out in real life even shoot at people.

These games are violent, and gory. Children can play Grand Theft Auto they are playing as a gang member and your boss tells you to do crimes and get away with it. The police try to catch him but he can get away with whatever it is he does. When children get old enough they might try to steal cars, run people over, and beat up people and cops for no reason. The children might not know in real life they will get caught. They cannot hide from the cops. Grand Theft Auto can make children more aggressive, more violent at school and at home.

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Children can also talk on these games to other children or even adults online. They can hear cussing and talk about other things not needed for this game. Video Games can make children socially isolated, doing less homework, less hanging out with friends, can make children obese, less exercise, less going out, and less spending time with family. Interest children in different activities: soccer, football, baseball, tennis, volleyball. These sports would be a good exercise so the children will not be obese, just sitting in front of the television playing games.

Encourage your child to get involved in other outdoor activities with other children in the neighborhood such as bike riding, or just childhood games outside can help tag, hid and seek or at a YMCA swimming, basketball. Get the child to play with his toys for a few hours out of the day. Go to the park for a day have a picnic, go hiking and go sightseeing. By telling Child to go outside and playing a sport or get involved in child activities will get them away from the video games.

Tell the child to go bike riding around the block and get their mind off of wanting to play Grand Theft Auto would be better than them thinking of steal cars and beating up people. Another negative cultural influence is television. It has television shows children should not be watching, not much learning. Television is not always great it has a few channels that are learning channels but most are not teaching children anything. Some channels like Disney or nickelodeon have some learning shows but that is only in the early morning or way late at night and only for children that are in the younger ages.

Cartoon network changes to adult swim after a certain hour. Children should not be watching these shows to name a few Family Guy, American Dad, and Robot Chicken. Family Guy has a talking dog, lots of cussing and is violent and also has sexual content. Robot Chicken is a show that does some parodies of other shows with cussing and violence as well. Children like to always watch television, but it is not educating children and is a waste of time for them when they can be doing other educated activities. Getting children educated is a better idea than watching television they will need to be educated for school.

So having them read chapter books or read other books or magazines for a while will get them away from the television. Have children write a story or a few sentences to a paragraph depending on how old they are about what they have read or would want to read or learn about. Have children go outside and start a garden, plant vegetables and fruit. Learn how to grow a garden to pick fruit and vegetables when they are ready to be eaten. Children can always stay inside and play a board game there are a few games to play monopoly, trouble, and cards are really fun games. Boggle and scrabble would be also good to use their brains.

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