Cultural Diversity Phase Essay

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Cultural Diversity Phase

In the society, cultural diversity is an evident and become dominant concept wherein it commonly affects the social structures and processes in the society. This is mainly because cultural diversity significantly cause the society to be segregated into their respective social minority groups with their cultural differences serving as the gap and blocking wall between these groups. In addition, cultural diversity also has caused certain negative social problems such as discrimination and oppression worsening the difficulty of social separation.

Because of which, the negative aspect of multiculturalism and the social tension it has produced should be sufficiently addressed. Different social groups and institutions are making different steps and approaches to bridge the gap of multiculturalism in every individual and social minority. This includes cultural information campaign to educate the society about the different culture of each group to answer the different inquisition of each individual thus eliminating the problem of cultural misconception and misunderstanding.

In addition, community groups are also establishing social groups and institutions that request participation from different cultural groups giving them a chance to communicate and relate to other groups tearing down themselves the walls created by multiculturalism. These programs and community efforts are established to promote communication and social involvement of each social minority in the campaign to address social unity.

Multiculturalism in the present society serves as a hindering wall thus, this hindrance must be torn down using intercultural communication and social participation. Intervention must also be done in facilitating cooperative approaches to ensure its advantage. With this approach implemented, society as a whole would be one-step closer in making a harmonious relationship between culturally diversified social groups. Bibliography Parekh, Bhikhu (2006). Rethinking Multiculturalism: Cultural Diversity and Political Theory. Palgrave Macmillan. Second Edition.

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