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Cultural Diversity and Mongol Brutality

Although the Christian and Muslim warriors were of extreme cruelty, the Mongols brutality and carelessness was far greater because of their battle tactics, physiological warfare, and weaponry. These ‘barbarians’ captured a surplus amount of land in a stunning amount of time with questionable war tactics. Despite the brutality of the Mongols, Christian and Muslin warriors began to become more and more merciless. All three of these groups of warriors prove to be dangerous and cruel, but the Mongols seem to have the perfect mix of terror and destruction to make them the most brutal.

The Mongols warfare tactics, although quite cruel, proved effective. When the Mongols wanted a village or town to expand their empire, they attacked with full force. The devastating thing about these attacks though, was the ‘no mercy’ kind of mindset they showed. These warriors were known to kill everything to get what they wanted, men, women, and children alike.

The Muslim and Christian warriors were thought to have slaughtered whole towns before, but unlike the Mongols, it was not a tactic they were known for.

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The Mongol people were feared everywhere they went as word spread about these ruthless attacks. The fear these warriors inflicted on some people was enough to surrender attacks and turn over cities before a battle even began. Although whenever the Muslim or Christian warriors approached a battle, it was fought. This proves just how cruel yet skilled these Mongol warriors must have been. However, in most cases, just surrendering seemed to be the better idea, because in the case you didn’t, your city may have been looted and burned with all your people slaughtered.

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The Mongols success and expansion is largely due not only to their war tactics but also to their advanced weaponry. The Mongols were expert horsemen and masters of the bow and arrow, therefore adding to their success. These warriors used special ‘long bows’ to have more powerful and precise a weapon; they also used horses to charge into villages and slaughter those inside.

Worst of all, the Mongols were thought to have catapulted dead bodies infected with the plague over city walls to kill all of the residents through biological warfare. The Christian and Muslim warriors, although with good weapons, could not match the expertise, power, and experience the Mongols had with their weapons. Their weaponry was simply more advanced and powerful adding to the brutality of these cruel Mongols. The Mongols were extremely powerful warriors, with disturbingly merciless attacks. These warriors’ slaughtered entire towns, looted cities, and then burned them to the ground. The Christian and Muslim ways of warfare could in some aspects be similar to that of the Mongols, but not nearly to the extent of the Mongols. These warriors who made cities surrender before an attack even began and who had advanced weaponry matched with expert and experienced weapon holders were practically unstoppable. These cruel slaughtering’s, feared attacks, and powerful weapons used with no mercy outweigh any opposition in the argument of why the Mongols were more brutal than Christian and Muslim warriors.

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