Cultural Differences as an Issue of the Past Essay

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Cultural Differences as an Issue of the Past

In the daily lives of individuals cultural challenges is often experienced. It is known that due to migration various ethnicities have already been present in the American Society. For such reason, more and more foreigners are able to work, live and be naturalized as American citizens. Although these migrants are able adapt to the lifestyle of Americans, their ethnic culture still remain within their norms, values and culture. Therefore in this situation the American cultures as well as the native culture of the immigrants are mixed.

Although such situation is believed not post any concerns, it had been proven by many analysts, authors and other individuals that cultural challenges are very much present in the society. Culture is known to be the way of life of a person. Therefore, culture defines a person. However, what if a person has a variety of culture surrounding him or her? How does he or she deal with such given situation? Diversity, as said by Thomas Sowell is a concept wherein used by many individuals.

But still, the authors believe that no person truly has a grasp of the real meaning of diversity. He utilized the example of the American people acknowledging the 4th of July as their day of independence yet no one truly sees the importance of such day. Moreover, it leads to an extensive criticism to the United States of America. In short, more and more people recognize that there is diversity but a few only know the significance of such word. (Sowell 2008)

From my personal perspective, people are currently in the mode of shifting beliefs due to the fact that diversity is still a new concept being learned by many. In the United States, there had been many immigrants accepting their green cards therefore acquiring all the rights and legitimacy as an American citizen. Most of such immigrants already have their whole family with them. Yet, the concept of having to life with other cultural norms except the American culture is still not fully accepted by many Americans.

For most Americans the United States is for natural born Americans only but due to the concept of globalization and diversity such situation cannot be hindered. Therefore, diversity and cultural challenges should be accepted and resolved. Similar to what the article of Carole Parker, differences should be managed in order to crate a peaceful society. (Parker 2008) In addition to the concepts of diversity, concerns regarding the combination of cultures are an issue raised.

Given that there are Asian, Hispanics, African-Americans, white Americans and other ethnicities present in the United States, cultures of all these ethnic backgrounds will naturally collide with each other due to its variations. However organizations and individuals must learn that differences as only challenges that are needed to be faced in order for them to fully integrate the society into a peaceful and diverse state. In conclusion, the cultural challenges are truly present in the society due to the diverse norms and traditions which is currently present.

Through proper knowledge and information regarding matters of culture, the concept of managing differences and colliding of ideas must be done by different organization as a solution to the problems. If cultural challenges are retained only as a challenge, a range of problems will arise such as, discomfort, annoyance, irritation, and etc as an escalating process of conflict. Before such development arise it is better than solutions are present therefore, wider array of conflicts may be hindered.

Through the mitigation processes and proper information provided, cultural challenges will remain as a thing of the past. Therefore, the challenges that were faced will remain and it shall be converted as a norm, a value or a tradition for the whole American society. References Sowell, T. (2008). Understanding and Managing Diversity (4th Edition) In C. Harvey & M. J. Allard (Eds) pp. 69-74. United States of America: Prentice Hall. Parker, C. (2008). Understanding and Managing Diversity (4th Edition) In C. Harvey& M. J. Allard (Eds) pp. 28-30. United States of America: Prentice Hall.

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