Cultural Considerations Essay

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Cultural Considerations

The Mexican culture has been characterized by their values, importance of family heritage, folk healing, religion and spirituality. There is also the relation of demographic features associated with the Mexican such as: low income, lack of education, and ethnic segregation. These characteristics have been known to cause cultural differences that can become barriers that can affect the communication between the patient and the healthcare provider. Mexicans are less likely to use the available health resources, because of their strong cultural differences with American Medicine. They also pose a higher rate of poverty related health issues such as diabetes and obesity (Latino culture and health). When they do use the healthcare system, they fear of experiencing discrimination. Their language and cultural become factors in the treatment they are given. Within the Mexican culture family support is important. They provide each other with a support system consisting of extended family, folk healers, and religious institutions (Latino culture and health).

When they choose to use the American medical services, it is influenced by their cultural and spiritual value and by folk theories of disease, remedies, and curers passed down from their ancestors (Latino culture and health). The specific issues between the Mexicans and the American healthcare include language and immigration (Estrada et al., 2010). Most instructions and messages are communicated by mouth, and many Hispanics feel embarrassed because they could not speak or understand English. The relationship between the physician and the Hispanic patient is problematic because of social differentials by inequality on institutional levels, cognitive, and linguistic Mexican cultural practices can and do influence healthcare use however the relationship is complicated.

Curanderismo, folk-healing practices continues to be an important aspect of Mexican American culture because of distrust in medicines that are not natural. (Estrada et al., 2010).This may lead to treatment which may worsen their condition. The Mexican culture has been characteristically known to have cultural differences that can develop barriers which affect the communication process with health care providers; therefore health care professional need to have a complete understanding of the principles of cross-cultural communication within the community that they serve.

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