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Cultural Consideration Within the Criminal Justice System

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1098 words)
Categories: Criminal Justice System, Culture, Multiculturalism
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In the criminal justice system cultural concerns and influences in today’s societies have its positive and negative aspects. Cultural concerns and influences raises a lot of attention of the affect it has on justice and the security administration. In this paper it will first discuss how cultural concerns and influence affect the justice and security administration and its practices. Second, what contemporary methods are used in the societies of mixed cultures? Third, what influences and considerations that relates to and affect nondiscrimination practices within the criminal justice system.

Finally, in this paper it will discuss Sir Robert Peel’s nine principles and if it could be used to organize a police department today. First, I will discuss the cultural concerns and influences that affect justice and security administration and its practices. Cultural influences can affect justice and security administrations and its practices in so many ways. In today’s society the laws are made and rewritten because of one’s cultures which are basically saying that different cultures make act a certain way because of their culture and not because of criminal behavior.

For example you may have an individual that comes from a back ground that believes in sacrificing animals and we all know that in today’s society to just pick a random animal and kill it is cruelty to animals. There are several advocates out there that fight for animal rights every day. Many cultural influences in my opinion affect justice because when incarcerated different cultures are in the prison systems to deter crime outside the prison by locking them up but mixing these cultures in prison sometimes help individuals to become a better criminal instead of the solution.

Diversity in the criminal justice administration can have a positive effect. Because there is different race, ethnic groups, religions, genders, sexualities etc. the need for a diversity of people can help better understand the reasoning and actions of the different cultures. Miscommunication causes a lot of turmoil in the justice system. Having diverse personnel help reach individuals that have broken the law to understand that laws of the land must be kept and because of their ways and cultures a lead them to be incarcerated.

Second, what contemporary methods are used in the societies of mixed cultures? When discussing the criminal justice system one main method that is used is everyone is entitled a trial by jury. In trials jurors are picked for the reason to help cut down discrimination because of an individual’s race, sex, sexuality, ethnic background and culture. A panel of jurors is questioned in a process called voir dire to determine if any juror has a personal interest in the case or a prejudice or bias that may wrongly influence his or her role as a juror.

The attorneys may ask the court to excuse some jurors from the trial. The system of challenges is designed to allow lawyers to do their best to assure that their clients will have a fair trial. Another method that is in the Sir Robert Peel formed the first metropolitan police department in 1829, the early roots of policing. Peel’s nine principles are still use in the modern day policing. Peel believed the key for policing is “the police are the people and the people are the police. ” Peel’s nine principles are still applied to modern day policing.

Peel also believed that community policing is the key concept to the prevention of crime. Sir Roberts Peel’s first principle states that the basic mission of the police is to prevent crime and disorder. This principle basically saying that police agencies duties are to prevent crime. The way to prevent some of the crime is to patrol the streets, make themselves available by not only emergency calls nut be seen to make the community feel safe with knowing that their presence is there on the regular.

Police establish a relationship with the community and trust is built between the two. Peel’s next five principles deal with the cooperation from the public for effective policing. According to Peel the ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval of police actions, and they must secure the willing cooperation of the public in voluntary observance of the law to secure and maintain the respect of the public. It is important that police understand the different cultures in the communities that they patrol.

If law enforcement can relate to and understand the different cultures of the community, they will be able to gain public approval. The approval of the public will increase the effectiveness of law enforcement. Excessive force will always be a concern to the public, and this is the mistrust develops between the law enforcement and the community. Once trust is lost it is hard to regain it back with the community. Constant training should be available to police agencies to stress the importance of the respect and trust needed from the community perform at its best.

The use of force needs to be used when deemed necessary not just because they’re a police; that makes it right. Peel’s next three principles and Community Policing share the same concepts in policing. Peel’s principles and community policing is that prevention of crimes is the main priority of policing. Both the police and the community share ownership, responsibility, and accountability for the prevention of crime. When these two work together with the crimes, they build trust and a relationship when dealing with each other to prevent crime.

Learning and respecting all different types of cultures in the community is how respect is gain from the people who make up the neighborhoods that the police work. The trust between the police and the community is important for effective policing. Community policing requires training with special attention to problem solving, community organization; communication, and conflict resolution, resource identification and use networking, and cultural competency. In conclusion Sir Robert Peel’s nine principle of policing has continued to be used for effective policing all over the country.

Community policing has been a main focus in policing. Law enforcement has had a increase of cultural diversity in our communities since the 1800s and there is a constant need of training in this area to continue to strengthen the trust of the people. Sir Robert Peel established that police and the people of the community are equal in terms of effective policing. It is important that communication between the law enforcement, and the community establish in order for any concept to be successful.


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