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1. How do cultures shape minds? The cultural ancestry of a certain individual often makes an impression on the individual itself. However, if the individual is more often exposed to a certain culture that is totally different from their ancestry, there is a greater chance of adapting to the said culture in order for them to “fit-in” with the population. 2. What cultures affect middle and high school students?

The Hispanic/Mexican and Asian cultures have more effect on middle and high school students since they make sure that the next generation realize the importance of having their own distinct culture regardless of their ability to adapt to the cultural conditions of the country where they reside.

3. What literacies influence student’s thinking and behavior in and out of school? Literacy in the English language is the major influence followed by literacy in cultural heritage.

4. Where is our adolescent literacy crisis rooted? It lies in the ability of the adolescent to adjust to both the family and social environment in relation to their quest for knowledge during their formative years.

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5. How can teachers respond to literacy and learning challenges in their content area classrooms? The teachers can set the learning pace that would put the students, regardless of intellect or cultural background, at ease in the classrooms making them eager to learn more.

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