Cultural Aspects of Master Harold and the Boys

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This play was first published in the year of 1982. Although this time was a much better time for African American persons, there were still many struggles they faced in regards to race. The setting of this play was in the heart of Africa. A very poor third world country, where several slaves were taken from in previous times. Several cultural implications were incorporated in this film, especially regarding the time.

During the 1980’s, HIV/AIDS was a huge epidemic in countries such as Africa.

This huge outbreak was very confusing and devastating for many people. Since this country is extremely poor, many of these diagnosed persons were left untreated. This disease was new; it had not been found throughout history. Some people claimed it was produced by eating of monkey meat, while several people, to this day, believed it to be the work of the U.S. government. Reason being to kill off the weaker members of society, the impoverished Africa. The disease of Ebola also started in Africa, which made this theory a little more believable.

Racial issues were existing during this time, and are still very much alive even in today’s times. Such issues are likely to never be diminished. The dominate views of this time were that African American persons were less than Caucasians. This view is still expressed heavily by racists even today. The color of one’s skin can determine their treatment, which is not right. It’s weird to me that these issues still exist.

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However, it is not only for African Americans. Many races, even my own undergo racist comments and attitudes. I feel I can relate to these problems. I feel that if one race was better than another, they would have special powers or something, but since they don’t, we can conclude that we are all equal.

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