Cultural and Intellectual Trends

Which aspect of the postwar era did jazz’s liveliness, looseness, and improvisation most reflect?

This is Salvador Dalí’s The Persistence of Memory.
Which statement best describes how this image reflects Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity?
Perception of time is not universal.

What version of reality did Pablo Picasso and other cubists represent in their paintings?
a fragmented version

In the postwar era, the increased availability and affordability of cars most facilitated which social change?
the growth of suburbs

What did Einstein believe regarding human perception?
What humans perceive with their senses is not always true.

Which type of music most influenced the emergence of jazz in the postwar era?

How did the modern art movement, which emerged in the postwar period, reflect changes in scientific theory?
Both questioned the way people examined the world.

How did World War I change women’s roles in the United States?
Women replaced men in the workforce.

As proved by the transatlantic flights of Lindbergh and Earhart, postwar airplanes were engineered to fly greater

After World War I, how did new theories about science differ from past ideas?
New theories aimed to provide hope through science.

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