Cultural Essay Topics

Cultural hyrbidity

The fusion of cultural and ethnic identities refers to hybridisation. Most people acknowledge that they can be affiliated with an individual culture. Banton (2000) notes that “in the contemporary UK ethnicity is becoming increasingly recognised as something everyone has”. 1 Common interests or shared values help form and develop cultural attachment’s (culture, descent, ancestry, religion,… View Article

Despite Their Cultural Differences

Despite Their Cultural Differences, Do Jeanette From ‘Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit’ & Celie From ‘The Colour Purple’ Both Share The Same Struggle? The cultural differences of the two characters are numerous and the implications far reaching. The austere but comfortable working class security of ‘Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit’, contrasts greatly with the… View Article

Cultural context of the play

How does Miller use the character of Alfieri to involve the audience and illustrate the cultural context of the play? Alfieri is used in a multitude of ways by Miller to help the play at various stages. He is a character in the play, which other characters interact with, however, he is displaced somewhat because… View Article

The causes of cultural shock

There are some hypotheses regarded as the causes of culture shock condition. The first of them is the similarity-attraction hypothesis (Bochner). One of key findings in studies of social psychology was the fact that people are attracted by the people similar to them, and those who have little resemblance to us, call less degree of… View Article

Cultural Values

The world is changing politically, economically, technically, and collectively at a previously unthinkable rate. Both new and skilled multinational firms are stumbling and committing mistakes as they confront these recently emerging environmental forces. What is desired now is a new way of viewing both the global and foreign operations of multinational firms. To be as… View Article

Cultural Boundaries

Youth culture has been studied from several ideological perspectives on assumptions that they are ‘not isolated and untouched by the surrounding culture’ (Keyes, 2000). This notion has lead researchers to assume that youth culture is not part of ‘growing up’, but a phenomenon that occurs as a precipitation of the social, political, cultural and ideological… View Article

Ethical and Cultural Implications in the U.S. Supermarket Industry

The supermarket industry in the U. S. is currently facing many challenges in ethics and culture. The industry not only consists of traditional grocers but other different types of retailers, like Wal-Mart and Target, that are attempting to make profits from the food industry. An estimation of the amount that consumers spend on food annually… View Article

The Cultural Phenomenon

Super Bowl transcends the very idea of the testosterone-induced sport of football. It is a larger than life sports event, and perhaps a more grand the sport of football itself. The sports pandemonium known as Super Bowl not only draws football fanatics but also people who are clueless about football. People are compelled to watch… View Article

A Website Review on the American Cultural History 1960-1969 Webpage

Kingwood College Library’s American Cultural History 1960-1969 webpage (http://kclibrary. nhmccd. edu/decade60. html) is a webpage dedicated to the dessemination of information regarding the 1960s. It dubs itself a web and library guide, and is hosted and managed by the Kingwood College Library, an educational organization in Kingwood, Texas. It’s stated purpose is to “help the… View Article

The cultural evolution

The cultural evolution experienced by Western and non-Western people can suggest the different degrees at which they were able to cope or deflect changes. Different people from different cultures had their own way of imposing their own culture as world standard, or, own way of keeping their natural heritage despite the pressure from more advanced… View Article

Cultural practices

1. ) The article helped me gain a deeper understanding about how varied the effects of a drug can be to different patients. Whenever I see how hospital doctors with incoming patients ask what the details of their patient are, I used to think that mentioning the person’s ethnicity is not very important and I… View Article

Cultural Assimilation

America is one of the countries that have rich culture. Being a large country, many people are living in it from different origins. Some migrated to this place for work or for other reasons, to experience green pastures. Since America is also in line with the latest fashion, many investors are placing their businesses in… View Article

Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is increasingly becoming as a significant part of many organizations and corporations. As such, problems that are concerned with intercultural and international communication occur and set in. Maintaining and nurturing effective communication techniques and methods within the organization is increasingly becoming a major concern for management and leaders of businesses and corporations. On… View Article

Oriental Food as the Cultural Other

In Coco Fusco’s “The Other History of Intercultural Performance”, he promotes the idea that “racial difference is absolutely fundamental to aesthetic interpretation” while giving an explanation of how Western civilization has viewed the cultural Other—meaning, the so-called primitive people often stereotyped as savage and lacking in “discipline, civilization and industry” (Fusco). From the Western perspective,… View Article

Personal Views on Globalization and Cultural Identity

The concept of the world as one community has, in recent years, turned into a growing trend not only in business but in practically all facets of activity. Globalization has, in fact, fast-tracked the integration of cultural minorities or migrants into the mainstream society of so many countries, including the United States of America. For… View Article