Cult and cult leader Essay

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Cult and cult leader

Cult” is a term used to describe certain religious groups outside of the mainstream of Western religion. A cut leader is non-Christian but has roots in Christianity while denying what he considered its essential teaching or can be one who follows an altogether different religious structure, one foreign and alien to the prevalent religious communities . in the in the case of the latter cults represent a force of religious innovation within a culture. In most cases that innovation comes about by the transplantation of a religion from a different culture by the immigration of some of its members and leaders.

Others described cults as groups which hypnotized or brainwashed recruits, destroyed their ability to make rational judgments and turned them into slaves of the group’s leader, as by the above definition Healter was cult leader since he practiced and allowed some of these practices which are associated with cult leaders ; Members swear total allegiance to an all-powerful leader who they believe to be the Messiah, rational thought is discouraged or forbidden, the cult’s recruitment techniques are often deceptive, the cult weakens the follower psychologically by making him or her depend upon the group to solve his or her problems, the cults manipulate guilt to their advantage, the cult leader makes all the career and life decision of the members, cults exist only for their own material survival and make false promises to work to improve society, cult members often work fulltime for the group for little or no pay, cults are apocalyptic and believe themselves to be the remnant who will survive the soon-approaching end of the world.

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1. Elmer Clark’s pioneering survey of the Small Sects in America (1949) . .

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