Culmination is the Zenith Essay

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Culmination is the Zenith

Considering the blooming of the bud to be the zenith in being the flower, in lieu with the activity conducted, Culminating Activity is bringing out the best of what the child has learnt as a unit. BHIS emphasises on Trans disciplinary curriculum which correlates every aspect of learning done in the school. It is of immense importance that education is not just textbook and classroom learning but a practical and application oriented format of learning. Culmination activities do just that.

These activities correlate the various developing skills relating to intelligence, linguistic, social, physical et al. This activity is conducted twice a year . The first being during the 1st term and the 2nd in the month of March. In the month of __________________ Grd. 1 had the first culminating Activity which had Water as its theme. All the students of Grd. 1 participated in it, making sure the learning on the theme water was complete in it’s own way.

Working with the children of my class I understood that through this activity the children, who might have not actively participated in the classroom sessions of Water, were seen to be doing it here and very enthusiastically. The Culminating Activity consisted of a skit, Tiddalik the Frog, followed by a song. The children also gave a brief presentation on ‘Water’. Weeks of practice made this activity a huge success in the presence of the parents. It is also apt to note that this activity though small had a great role in building confidence in the children.

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