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There are many different cuisines in the world and each of them has it’s own special taste and secrets. As people say ‘’ Every man to his taste’’. And now I’d like to tell you about Ukrainian national cuisine. Well-known for its great diversity and amazing flavors, Ukrainian cuisine has had a number of influences including Russian, Polish, German and Turkish. Popular ingredients in the cuisine of Ukraine are meat, mushrooms, vegetables, berries, fruit and herbs.

As Ukrainians are extremely hospitable their meals are served in very generous quantities. Some of the best Ukrainian cuisine is actually very simple. Dishes often contain pickled vegetables when these are not in season and certain dishes can only be made when ingredients are available. Pastries and cakes are popular, but not very sweet. Let’s see some kind of dishes which are very popular in Ukrainian cuisine.

First of all there are some kinds of aperitifs such as borshch (beet soup often made with meat), ukha (fish soup typically with carp), hybivka (mushroom soup), vinigret (beetroot salad made with beans, peas and onions), oseledets (pickled herring salad with onion, sunflower oil and pepper), paska (Easter bread), korovai (braided bread used in wedding celebrations), babka (Easter bread containing dried fruit).

Then dishes for the main course here belong varenyky (boiled dumplings stuffed with fruit, potatoes, cheese and cabbage), holubtsi (cabbage rolls stuffed with millet or minced meat with rice), blyntsi (crepes served with meat, cheese, fruit or caviar), pechenya (roast pork, lamb, beef or veal), studynets (jellied meat or fish), kotljetys (fish or meat fritters), deruny (potato fritters served with sour cream or cottage cheese), shashlyk (type of shish kebab usually with marinated lamb and vegetables).

For dessert we have tort (cakes often made with ground walnuts or almonds instead of flour), kutia (a Christmas dessert with honey, nuts, poppy seeds and wheat), zhely (jellied fruit), pampushky (fried dough, similar to doughnuts). Finally, some beverages as kvas ( made from bread with a sweet-sour taste), compote (dried or fresh fruit drink), kefir (sour milk). And right now I’d like to introduce you English cuisine.

English cuisine, native to England, is shaped by the temperate climate, geography and history of the country. Apart from the traditional food that is made with local ingredients, English cuisine consists of ingredients imported from other countries as well, like North America, China and India. The traditional food of the country is flavored strongly. The traditional Fish and Chips (deep-fried cod or haddock fish, with fried potato chips) recipe of England has gained international popularity.

Served with mushy peas and flavored with salt and malt vinegar, it counts as a popular take-away food in the country. You can also find scampi (deep fried breaded prawns) and fish cakes being served in the food courts of England. Traditional Sausage (Cumberland sausages), Cottage Pie (meat pie with mash potatoes in the crust) and Faggot (meatballs made from pig heart, liver or bacon and minced with herbs and bread crumbs) are other popular dishes of English cuisine.

Bangers and Mash (pork or beef sausages, served with mashed potatoes) is another well known traditional English recipe. People in the country also relish on a mouthwatering dish made from the vegetables of the leftover roast dinner, called Bubble and Squeak (served with cold meat and pickles). Cauliflower cheese is another English main course dish, made with boiled pieces of cauliflower and covered with a layer of milk-based cheese sauce and cheddar. Grated cheese, mixed with bread crumbs, is used as toppings for the dish.

The traditional English dinner for Sunday is popularly known as the Sunday Roast. It typically consists of roasted beef, lamb or chicken, roasted potatoes and vegetables. The meal is served with gravy and Yorkshire pudding. The hearty and sumptuous English breakfast generally consists of bacon, sausages, black pudding, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, half a tomato and scrambled eggs, although the key ingredients may vary from region to region. So, we made sure every cuisine is individual.

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