Cuenca is the World I Come From

Just like A Country Photograph this place is a small, quiet place in Ecuador called Cuenca. It’s very slow-paced. It is a kind, loving place. This place thrives off of Christianity. It has strong morals and many roots. This place is also very beautiful, from its trees, creeks, fields, and farms. There are many dirt roads around this town. It is full of old beauty. My hometown is always so quiet. This place never experiences any serious crimes. The crime rates are possibly the lowest on record for the state of Tennessee.

It is very different from large cities around here. Our jail is small, and never holds many inmates.

Most of the crimes committed are misdemeanors. It is a slow- paced place. Driving down the road, you are most likely going to run upon a farmer driving along on his tractor. There is never a lot of traffic while you are in town at any time of the day.

It is so small here that everyone knows everyone. Whether you are grocery shopping at one of the few grocery stores, or taking care of business things at the city hall, you will always run into more than one person that you know well. It is a very close-knit community. Most of the businesses in town open at eight o’clock in the morning and are closed by four o’clock in the evening.

Kindness comes from everyone in the town. Citizens here are always doing thoughtful things for one another.

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When one is in need, everyone is there help out. If someone has lost a family member, we all join together to make this hard time for the family much easier. Anywhere you go, people are very polite. They say “please” and “thank you”, as well as “ma’am” and “sir”. That is something that is hard to come by nowadays.

In every direction you look towards while in this town, you will see a little, white church. Christianity is a powerful element here. It is the center of the town. Most everyone here attends church services on Wednesday nights, Sunday mornings, and again on Sunday nights. There are many strong morals and values held here. Many of our grandparents and great-grandparents attended school in these churches as well. Also, funeral services were held in these churches as some still are today. They were usually buried at a cemetery close by.

From generation to generation, people continue to call this place home. This is where many people’s great ancestors started their roots, as did their children and so on. My roots have been planted here. Families have grown here. Some have stayed and some have moved away. Unfortunately i was one of the few who decided to leave this place to find “The American Dream” among all of us. It’s been years since i’ve returned to this amazing place and I’m hopeful that i can soon return once more to this beautiful place i call home.

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